• AM Carpool Procedure

    Changes in our Morning Carpool Procedure updated for 16/17 school year:  In an effort to provide for the safe and orderly arrival for all students we have made several changes that will help our morning carpool run a little smoother and a little faster.  The biggest change is that students will be opening their own car doors upon arrival.  We will still have several staff members as well as School Safety Patrol Students outside to monitor and provide assistance when needed but they will not be opening doors regularly.  This will allow us to unload more than three cars at a time in a safe and orderly fashion.  In order to keep all students, parents and staff safe it is important that all cars follow the guidelines detailed below.  We appreciate your help in getting all of our students to class and ready to learn on time.

    • Students will exit their vehicles between the 2 LARGE ORANGE cones only.  Please do not allow your child to exit the vehicle prior to entering this zone.  This means that no student should be dropped off in the parking lot or at the top of the hill by the entrance to the gravel access road.
    • Students should exit on the RIGHT side of the car only.  If you must unload your child on the left, please park within the designated zone and assist your child out and around the front of your vehicle.  We know that because of infant car seats and other circumstances this must sometimes occur, we just need to make sure that the other cars around your vehicle are aware of this as well.
    • Each child will be responsible for opening and closing their own doors.  If a child is struggling with a car seat or has several items to bring in on a particular day there will be adults and Safety Patrol Students to assist.
    • Passing stopped vehicles on the LEFT will be prohibited.  We have had several "close calls" in the recent past because drivers are unaware of a passing car and are proceeding with the right of way.  If you must pass because a car is parked in the fire lane for an extended period of time please yield to those that are in the drop off zone and are trying to exit.
    • If you are going to walk your child into the building please plan on parking in the parking lot in either the staff section or in visitor parking opposite the Multi-Purpose Room and Cafeteria.  Do not park in any portion of the fire lane.  This not only interferes with student drop off, it is in violation of Fire Code.
    • Lastly please monitor your speed when entering, traveling, and exiting the carpool line.  

    PM Carpool Procedure

    You will be assigned a carpool number to be displayed on your rearview mirror.  Afternoon carpool starts loading students at 3:45 pm and is consistently finished by 4:05 pm. In the event that you will be late, please contact the main office (919-562-6181).

    Students assigned to carpool are supervised in the multi-purpose room until their ride arrives.  Students are permitted to sit quietly or to read a book while waiting – Talking is kept to a minimum as it is critical that students are able to hear their number when it is called.

    There are staff members present to coordinate the process of carpool and we must insist that we have the full cooperation of each parent during carpool.  Please be patient with regards to other vehicles/people and please stay alert to ensure the safety of each and every child.  

    With your cooperation, we can complete this process in an expeditious manner while maintaining safety.  

    Lost Carpool Tags

    If you lose your numbered tag, please come to the main office to receive a replacement tag.  If you forget your numbered tag, you will be directed to park and come to the main office. You will be asked to display identification in order for safety and security information to be confirmed.

    Proper Tag Display

    At Jones Dairy, our car pool line has a high volume of traffic and we request that you do your best to make your carpool tag highly visible.  To do this, we respectfully request that you place the tag on your mirror upon entering carpool through exiting the parking lot.