• Jones Dairy Elementary School

    BYOD FAQ (Rev. 2/10/16)

    Below you will find a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions.
    1. What are BYOD devices?

      BYOD technologies are privately owned wireless and portable electronic devices that can be used for wireless Internet access, word processing, image/video capturing, sound recording, and information transmitting.

    2. What devices can my child use at Jones Dairy Elementary?

      Our school supports any device that is capable of connecting to the Internet. However, we do not allow devices whose sole intention is for video gaming (like PSPs and DSIs).

    3. What happens if our family is unable to provide a device for our child?

      Students unable to bring own devices to school have ample access to technology available at Jones Dairy Elementary.

    4. What technical support does the school provide for our child’s device?

      Teachers are facilitators of instruction and should not spend time fixing technical issues with personal devices in the classroom. They educate and provide guidance on how to use devices for learning, but technical support is the responsibility of parents. Our school has a “no touch” rule for staff members, where they are restricted from touching your child’s device.

    5. What (if any) liability does the school have in regards to a lost or stolen device?

      Our school is not liable for any device that is stolen or damaged. Responsibility to keep the device secure rests with the individual owner.

    6. How should my child’s device be stored?

      All students are required to keep their device inside their book bag. Teachers are required to lock the doors when leaving for lunch, specials, recess, etc. to ensure limited access to the classrooms.

    7. How can we make our child’s device identifiable and stand out from others that look the same?

      We recommend using skins (decals) and protective cases for an easy identification, differentiation, and protection of personal devices.

    8. What happens if my child’s device is lost or stolen?

      If a device is stolen or damaged, the situation will be handled through the administrative office. We recommend that your child knows their iCloud password (if it is an Apple device) so we can “ping” the device. Our school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged devices.

    9. Can any child bring their own device to school?

      We have specific classrooms in our school that are piloting this program and only students of those classrooms are allowed to participate in this program.

    10. What protections are in-place to guard my child against inappropriate websites?

    The Wake County Public School System has a rigorous internet filter, which is part of the school’s wireless network. Students are instructed to join that network and not use their unfiltered cell phone service.