• Walker Information

    Only families who are not eligible for bus transportation may walk their children to school. To drop off and pick up your child at the walker door you will need to fill out a walker form that is available in the office. In the morning, students may be dropped off at the main entrance. In the afternoon, students may be picked up from the walker door located around the corner from the main entrance. Students are only eligible to walk without an adult/guardian if they are in fourth or fifth grade - or walking with a sibling who is. Before a child can walk to school without a parent/guardian, his/her parents must fill out a walker permission form that needs to be approved by the principal. Please use carpool rather than parking on premises. Any adult not in a car who is picking up a child from the carpool area will need to sign out his/her child in the office and get a sign-out slip to give to a staff member in the carpool area before taking his/her child.