Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Tier Triangle
  • Special Education

    Special education services (an IEP) might be considered for students who continue to struggle and show a slow rate of response to Tier 3 interventions and strategies, as this might indicate the presence of an educational disability. However, students who are referred for consideration of special education are required to meet additional criteria in order to qualify for this level of service. Parents sometimes request for their student to be “tested” for suspected learning or behavioral disabilities. The school will always formally respond to these requests by scheduling a referral meeting with the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team. However, a referral for special education testing requires the team to determine the appropriateness of the request inconsideration of previous intervention support, present performance, and learning history. It is our experience that sometimes parent requests for testing are made in an effort to solicit help for a struggling student. All parents are strongly encouraged to first communicate their concerns to their child’s teacher and to discuss the appropriateness of a referral for additional support at Tier 2 or 3 of the MTSS process.

Levels of Support:

Tier 1 Support
Tier 2 Support
Tier 3 Support