Cedar Fork Teacher of Month 2018-2019

  • April Teacher of the Month - Ms. Webb













     I am nominating my son’s first grade teacher, Ms. Webb, for teacher of the month. Her genuine love for teaching and compassion for her students is evident. She makes a great effort to collaborate with parents in inviting them into the classroom and also in her continual communications to keep parents informed. She makes learning fun for the children by using creative and imaginative games and activities. My child has fun in her class and does not even realize that he is actually learning along the way! Cedar Forks is fortunate to have such a dedicated and passionate teacher as Devynne Webb.




    March Teacher of the Month - Ms. Browning


    Love you! Best teacher! Let’s us do fun things in class!

    Ms.Browning is always showing the 5c's when she is teaching even when she is teaching she will make it fun ,and she teaches us a lot of things and most of all her teaching skills are excellent and she loves everybody every day when her students walk in she has a smile on her face! Love you Ms.Browning 

    She makes all of her students have a passion for learning. She has a lot of critical thinking because when she plans a lesson she always puts her mind to it and tries to make it fun for her students to enjoy it so that's a mix of critical thinking and creativity.


    February Teacher of the Month - Ms. Budway

    February I.A. of the Month - Ms. Pierzga


    Ms. Budway is amazing with the kids. Her passion for music is so apparently! Her communication is outstanding. We are never left to wonder. She is also very quick to respond to questions. She is also very creative with keeping the kids to want to do well in her class as well as creativeness with the music in the Cedar Fork Singers and the Singrays. She is always looking for opportunities to get them performances to show off the talented kids!

    I want to nominate Ms. Budway for her creativity, collaboration and clear communication. Her creativity, passion and talent has led to Cedar Fork having their first ever choir group! Her leadership also allowed our students to participate in the honors chorus. I loved how she collaborated and communicated during the entire process, not just with the students, but also with the parents. She provided extra rehearsals, handed print outs of the songs, provided song tracks for practice at home, sent home the schedule well ahead of time - thereby, leaving no doubt as to what was expected on the day of the event. Thank you to Ms. Budway for recognizing the talent and potential in Cedar Fork Elementary children and pushing them to newer heights


    December/January Teacher of the Month - Ms. Lewis



    This teacher is always willing to talk with the parents, and takes into account the child's personal needs. She goes above and beyond to make sure all of her students are succeeding.

    She is so perfect and on-task. Keeps encouraging the kids in the class. My kid listens to each and every word Mrs. Lewis says.

    She follows up with Student progress and has clear communication.


    November Teacher of the Month - Ms. Shrode


    She communicates very well with her students.

    I observed Ms Shrode has all the 5 'C. She has wonderful skills to deal with the little kindergartners, In the start of school my son gave me very hard time to get used to go to school and now he don't want to miss a single day even if he is sick, one day he was not feeling that well I told him to stay home for some rest, he is like no mom Ms Shrode have a lot of jobs for me to do and learning games which I do not want to miss. He just love his Teacher and his school now. I really appropriate Ms Shrode for all her hard work.



    October Teacher of the Month - Ms. Pruitt


    I observed that Ms.Pruitt is Very considerate; has and teaches excellent manners; is creative with homework and science ideas; works on team building; is the best in communication; and is helping a lot with critical thinking.

    Excellence for all

    Her in depth care and compassion to her students are genuine and My Alva is always looking forward to see her. Alva’s respect and appreciation to her is overwhelming. Thank you Ms. Pruitt for everything. You deserve to win:).

    Prompt response to our email communications and keeping us updated with our child’s education needs.

    Ms. Pruitt has been exemplary in identifying and helping our student reach his potential. We cannot believe the growth and learning advancement we observe in our student since he began his first grade.

    I see my child learning new thinks, and he likes her.

    I observed that Ms.Pruitt is Very considerate; has and teaches excellent manners; is creative with homework and science ideas; works on team building; is the best in communication; and is helping a lot with critical thinking.

    Mrs. Pruitt has been instrumental in collaboration with me and my husband on our child's behavior so that we can get to a point where he is acting in a manner that is conducive for learning. Mrs. Pruitt has always be quick to respond to any questions that we have and I have never felt that we are in the dark about what is going on in the classroom. Finally, above all else Mrs. Pruitt has been nothing but compassionate toward us and our son since the beginning of the year and showing immense amount of patience in handling his disruptive behavior in class.

    Exceptionally dedicated and patient with our son, she is in constant communication with us always giving us tips on how to further advance his preparation. She worked closely with him and he has responded very well to her. We are very happy he is in Ms. Pruitt's class this year and continue to look forward to an outstanding year!

    Teacher is taking lots of effort and it shows in my kid. I am very happy to seeing the progress in my kid. And always she is updating the information and give quick feedback of any questions. Thanks she is awesome.


    October Character and IA - Teacher of the Month Ms. Matthews & Ms. Figard



    September Teacher(s) of the Month - Ms. Delacruz and Ms. Khatibi


    Ms. Delacruz & Ms. Khatibi 

    Prompt communication on daily activities, proactive communication on weekly planning schedules. 

    Regular updates on Seesaw for daily activities, proactive emails on weekly lesson plans, individual attention to students.