Carpool Information

  • We would like parents to be aware of some safety guidelines that the school has in place to ensure all children and adults stay safe during carpool drop-off and pick-up.  You may also help us to keep carpool running smoothly by reminding your children that they need to sit quietly during carpool in the afternoon so that all students and staff are able to hear the carpool numbers as they are called.  If you plan on using carpool but do not have a number, please come into the office so that we may assign you a carpool tag which you will hang on your rearview mirror during carpool.

  • Carpool Reminders:

    1. When in the parking lot, drive slowly at all times, but especially in the loading/unloading area.
    2. Only pick up and drop off your child from the inside lane.  The outside lane is reserved for cars that are neither dropping off nor picking up children.
    3. If you need to walk across the driving lanes to get from your car to the school, please use the sidewalk that goes down the middle of the parking lot and cross only at the crosswalk.
    4. Only drop off your children when a staff member or student safety patrol member has opened the door.
    5. Carpool is only for students we are placing in cars.  If you get out of your car, you will need to go into the office to sign out your child.  You will receive a sign-out slip there that you must present to the staff member nearest your child in the student waiting area before your child can be released.
    6. All children must enter through the main doors where staff members are situated. No students may enter through other doors nor go straight to their classrooms in trailers.