Art, Music, PE and Technology


    Track Seven - Art
    Weebly Site- Mrs. Malpass
    Visual Arts are taught at Salem following the North Carolina Visual Arts Program.



    Track Four - Technology
    Paige Laug
     Students at Salem Elementary participate in Technology classes designed to help them develop skills that will assist them with using technology and adapting to changes in technology.


    Track Seven - Physical Education
    Physical education at Salem Elementary is a component of Healthful Living that is part of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Healthful Living is a combination of health education and physical education designed to promote behaviors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and improved quality of life for all students.


    Track Seven - Music
    Music students at Salem Elementary get to have music class one time each week, for 45 minutes. Students are engaged in a wide variety of activities, and learn in a hands-on environment. Students get to sing, play instruments, action songs, and rhythm games. Students develop cooperation and teamwork skills, as they work together to complete the various activities offered during music class. Musical instruments were created to imitate the human voice, so all students are encouraged to sing, both as a group, and individually. Finally, students learn how to appreciate music, as they learn about the history and many styles of music.
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