AIG by Grade Level

  • Grade 3:

    The 3rd grade Explorers Model provides an opportunity for the AIG teacher to collaborate with third grade teachers and to provide a variety of in-class experiences for any student demonstrating need. Students who demonstrate high performance will participate in small-group enrichment activities in language arts and/or mathematics with the AIG teacher. Participation in Explorers does not guarantee identification in the WCPSS AIG program.


    Grades 4-5:

    Services for WCPSS AIG identified students include differentiated curriculum and instruction in language arts and/or mathematics within the general education setting. With the support of the AIG teacher, classroom lessons will be differentiated through content, process, and product. Through the Co-teaching and Collaboration model (push-in), AIG teachers will provide in-class instruction to extend and enrich grade level standards. The AIG teacher will support students who demonstrate need with pull-out and/or further enrichment and extension opportunities. Services vary depending upon course offerings and student performance.