• What is Cash Out?

    Students have the opportunity to save up their Falcon Bucks and cash out for an individualized reward every other week. Students continue to earn Falcon Bucks each week and are eager to cash out!

    Some favorite rewards include the following:

    25 Falcon Bucks

    • Small prize (grades K-2)
    • Small snack (grades 3-5)
    • Positive phone call home from administration
    • Sit with a friend in class
    • Teacher helper
    • Office Assistant

    50 Falcon Bucks

    • Big prize (grades K-2)
    • Big snack (grades 3-5)
    • Extra PE
    • Dance Party
    • Lunch on the stage with a friend
    • Art Activity
    • 21st Century Lab Activity

    75 Falcon Bucks

    • Homework pass
    • Anchor WFAL news
    • Interview on WFAL news