Enroll at Dillard Drive MS

New and Transferring Students Registration
Monday - Thursday, 9:00am - 1:00pm

2021-2022 Student Services Department

Call (919) 233-4228
  • Know Your Base School

    If you are the parent or legal guardian of a middle school age child and reside in our attendance area, or if your child has received a transfer to attend Dillard, please contact Student Support Services to enroll, choose classes and learn about our school.

    ■ Please use the following link for online enrollment https://www.wcpss.net/Page/33753

    ■ A certified copy of the student’s birth certificate.

    ■ Photo ID of Parent or Court Appointed Guardian. If you are not the parent/court-appointed guardian, please call Student Services at DDMS, or the Office of Student Assignment (919-431-7333) for more information.

    ■ Proof of Residence 

    You may use a current electric, gas or water bill, signed lease agreement or closing statement in the name of the parent(s) or court-appointed guardian, or an agreement to purchase with a closing date within 45 days as proof. Note: telephone, cable television bills and driver’s licenses do not qualify.

    If you and your family are residing in the home of relatives/friends, you will need a notarized Affidavit of Residence Form in addition to proof of residence in the name of the friend/relative with whom you are residing.

    ■ A completed Discipline Status Enrollment Form is required if coming from another school system. This form must be notarized. Please Note: Discipline Status Enrolllment Forms are not required for students enrolling from another Wake County public school. (This form is included in the Enrollment Packet above.)

    ■ Immunization records. See WCPSS Imunization Requirements

    ■ Please bring NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE and FAX numbers for the previous school so that we can request records. (If coming from another Wake County Public School System school, only the name of the school is needed.)

    ■ A withdrawal form and/or a copy of your child’s latest report card from their previous school. Grade placement cannot be made without verification from your child’s previous school.

    ■ Current IEP (if applicable), standardized test scores and any other information that you have that would assist in scheduling your child.