• The purpose of this document is to inform parents, guardians, and students of the rules governing the use of personally owned computing/network devices on our school campus during the school day. We have made some changes for the 2019 -2020 school year. Please see below.

    1. BYOD is gone. It is BYODTL – Bring your own device to learn.Devices will not be used for communication, social media or texting. They are for learning purposes only. After 8:15am DDMS becomes a red zone - all phones and ear buds go in book bags or lockers. They are not allowed in pockets.
    2. If you are going to use your device to learn, you and your parent/guardian must read over this sheet, complete the back page, and return to school.
    3. When you return this sheet, you will get a PBIS Phone Wristband. This band allows you to use your phone at lunch and in bus room. If you break the contract, your band is taken, and you have lost your privilege to use your phone during lunch and bus room for 30 days. You will not be able to use a phone for learning, but will be provided a school device, if needed.

    Dillard Drive Middle School BYODTL Vision

    Information and opportunities surround today’s learners at all times. BYODTLwill allow all our students to access those opportunities instantly.  Furthermore, BYODTL will allow teachers to create instructional experiences that prepare students to be more productive as learners, creators and contributors in a digital world.

    BYODTL Overview

    Dillard Drive Middle School defines “devices” as any personal electronic device students may bring from home for educational use, including smartphones, iPods, tablets/iPads, Chromebooks, netbooks, laptops, and dedicated e-readers (like Nook and Kindle).

    Participation and Student/Parent Contract

    Students arenot required to participatein the BYODTL program; however, students (and their parents) intending to participate in BYODTL must review, initial, and sign the BYODTL contract found on the next page. Students not participating will still be allowed to bring phones to school but will not be allowed to have them out in class. To opt out, simply do not return this form to school. Students who do not bring devices will not miss out on any educational activities or opportunities. School-owned devices will be available as needed. 

    Security and Damages

    Dillard Drive Middle School principals, teachers, and/or staff are not liable for any device that is stolen or damaged. Each student is individually responsible for keeping his or her device secure. For more information, please read our full F.A.Q. on the DDMS Website.   By initialing and signing the contract on the following page, parents/guardians grant consent to allow their child to use personal devices forinstructional purposes ONLY in the classroom.