The school does not open until 7:00 am. Students should not arrive on campus prior to school opening. Car riders should be dropped off after 7:00 a.m. in the circle area near the auditorium.  Students who eat breakfast at school should report directly to the cafeteria. Students will remain in the cafeteria until the first bell rings or until dismissed by a staff member.

    Students arriving late to school must report to the office to obtain an admission slip to class and so they will be counted present for the day. Parents are asked to accompany their child to the office. It is imperative that students arrive to school promptly. Attendance is taken at the beginning of homeroom. This is instructional time. Students with excessive tardies and/or early dismissals will be addressed in accordance with the Wake County Schools Tardy Policy. 

    Promptness to school and class is very important to student success.  Students are considered tardy to school if they arrive to class after 7:25 a.m., unless they arrive on a late bus.  Students should be ready to begin class when the bell rings.  Unexcused tardiness to any class is subject to disciplinary action by the teacher.  If a student arrives late to class with a pass stating a legitimate reason for the tardy, the receiving teacher will excuse the tardy.  If the student arrives without a written pass, the tardy is unexcused. Students who have excessive tardies to any class may be subject to disciplinary action. This policy pertains to a student’s tardies per class period, per quarter.
    1. First tardy: Verbal warning
    2. Second tardy:  Parent contact
    3. Third tardy:  Lunch detention
    4. Fourth tardy:  Period ISS
    5. Fifth tardy + subsequent tardies:  ISS (for a full day)  

    At the sound of the bell, all students involved in after-school activities should report to their designated areas immediately. At dismissal, bus riders must report to their bus pick-up area and car riders to the carpool lane. Any student who is in the building and/or on school grounds must be in their designated area within 5 minutes after the dismissal bell. Parents picking up their children in the afternoon are to use the front circle. For the safety of our students, please do not make double lanes.  We also ask that you pull completely forward so multiple students can load at once. Car riders should be picked up within 15 minutes after dismissal, as supervision will not be available after 2:30 p.m. Students waiting for rides must comply with school rules as long as they are on school property.  


    Students who need to leave school before regular dismissal time must be checked out by a parent or legal guardian. We use a computerized system and proper identification, such as a driver’s license, must be checked every time in accordance with the Safe Schools Act. Although this procedure may be inconvenient at times, it must be followed to ensure the safety of all students. 
    In case of illness, the office must be notified before the student leaves school. Students will not be called from class until the parent/guardian reports to the office.  Students leaving school prior to 11:00 a.m. will be counted absent for the entire day. All students must be checked out before leaving the school premises. If a student needs to be dismissed from school prior to 2:15 a.m., please arrive at the office before 1:45 p.m. for pickup.