• Husky Honor Code
    In many organizations, honor is an empty word. We want our graduates to be marked by honor, and as such have developed the Husky Honor Code to address incidences of dishonesty.
    Definition of Cheating: the act of gaining an unfair advantage, or misrepresenting one’s knowledge. It includes, but is not limited to:
    • Giving or receiving unauthorized aid from another person on assignments, papers, quizzes, tests, or examinations (sharing information, even copying answers to worksheets is considered cheating and therefore unacceptable)
    • Wrongfully using or taking the ideas or work of another.
    • Plagiarizing.
    • Getting advance information about quizzes, tests, or examinations.
    • Using or consulting unauthorized materials or using unauthorized devices on papers, quizzes, tests or examinations.
    • Using any portion of a paper or project to fulfill the requirements of more than one course, unless the student has received prior permission to do so.
    • Intentionally misrepresenting the need for extra time on any assignments, papers, quizzes, tests or examinations, in order to gain more information.
    • Choosing to be absent on the due date of a paper, project, quiz or test.
    • Lying about any of the above. (Source: East-Chapel Hill High School)
    Pledge: After each classroom teacher explains how this code relates to his or her curriculum, each student will be asked to sign understanding of Husky Honor Code, including the statement: As members of the Heritage community, we commit ourselves to act honestly, responsibly, and above all, with honor and integrity in all areas of campus life. We are accountable for all that we say and write. We are responsible for the academic integrity of our work. We pledge that we will not cheat.
    I accept responsibility to maintain the Honor Code at all times. (Source: Wheaton College)
    Violations of Honor Code: As student has violated a trust, logical consequences are limiting the privileges which show we trust the student. One or several of the consequences will be assigned:
    • Student will receive a zero on the assignment. They will receive an additional assignment which will be averaged with that zero.
    • Loss of privilege to attend extra-curriculars (dance, games, etc.)
    • Loss of privilege to drive to school
    • Loss of privilege to determine how you will spend Lunch
    • Loss of leadership positions/removal from clubs and or sports
    • Denial of future access to dual enrollment opportunities
    • Detention>OSS on the discipline scale
    Letter sent to potential college