• Attendance Overview

    The WYMLA school day runs from 7:35am - 2:10pm. For a student to be counted present on any given day that student must attend at least half of the instructional day, that is they must attend at least two block periods. According to WCPSS Board Policy 6000.8, cumulative absences (excused or unexcused) above ten in a class are considered excessive and the student will receive an “FF” rather than the passing grade. In the event your student is nearing 10 days of absences in any course please contact Student Services. 

    Notes for Excused Absences

    In order to have an absence excused students should contact the attendance office at least a week in advance for planned absences or for unplanned absences (illness, etc.) parents should send a note with the following:
    • Student’s Name—First and Last (Printed)—No nicknames
    • Date(s) absent
    • Reason for absence(s) – see list that follows
    • Parent/Guardian signature
    • Home and work phone numbers of parents

    Students must present a note to the Attendance Office on the day they return to school following an absence. Students who do not bring a note within 2 days will have the absence(s) permanently classified as UNEXCUSED.

    Based on School Board policy 6000.3, only the following reasons constitute an excused absence:
    1. Illness or injury which makes the student physically unable to attend school.
    2. Isolation ordered by the State Board of Health, or the Wake County Health Department.
    3. Death in the immediate family.
    4. Medical, dental or other appointments with a health care provider approved IN ADVANCE. 
    5. Court when a student is under subpoena.
    6. Religious observance as suggested by the religion of the student or the student’s parents.
    7. Educational opportunities: Educational Leave Form must be approved by an administrator three days prior to leaving. 
    8. College Visits: Juniors and Seniors may take school days to visit colleges. Juniors are provided one day per semester; Seniors, 2 days per semester. When taking these days students do not need to submit an educational leave form. For the absence to be excused the student must submit verification that they were on the university/college campus within two days of the visit. Acceptable verification can be, but is not limited to, a letter from the college or university on their letterhead and/or email from the college or university subsequent to the visit thanking the student for their visit. Brochures or parking passes from the college are NOT accepted. All other absences will be considered unexcused. Examples: skipping class, car trouble, oversleeping, missing the bus, business trip with parents, etc. All students participating in interscholastic activities must be present in school for the ENTIRE DAY in order to participate in activities, performances, or practices, except where specifically exempted by a physician.

    Coming in Late

    Any student who arrives after 7:35 am must sign in at the attendance computer located in the Main Office office. The student will receive a pass documenting the late arrival which they must bring with them to be admitted to class. 

    Leaving Early

    Any student who needs to leave early should be signed out by a parent at the attendance computer located in the Student Services office. Students should be checked out before 1:50pm. Students will not be checked out between 1:50pm and 2:10pm to ensure students receive all instructions before the end of the school day. If the student will be driving themself then they will need to have their parent call the main office to inform Student Services about the early departure.