By inspiring greatness, all children will realize their worth, and reach their fullest potential.

    That is the vision statement at A.B. Combs Leadership Magnet Elementary School. Since 1999, A. B. Combs has made tremendous strides in realizing this vision as the first elementary school in the nation to develop a groundbreaking magnet program based on leadership principles. As a whole school magnet, our leadership theme is infused into everything we do. Leadership principles form the supporting framework that strengthens curriculum, administration, faculty, staff, students, and surrounding community. By building cooperative relationships, nurturing responsibility, kindness, and good judgment, Combs is fostering a successful community of leaders. 

    A. B. Combs Leadership Magnet Elementary embodies a learning-centered model that strives for leadership development in its students based on Dr. Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It is the only magnet school to have been honored as the #1 Magnet School in America twice, in 2006 and then in 2014. The leadership model at A.B. Combs gained widespread recognition in 2008 through Dr. Covey’s book The Leader in Me, and since the program’s conception in 1999, it has been replicated in over 7,000 schools around the world.  In 2017, A.B. Combs was honored to receive the first Leader in Me Legacy Award presented by FranklinCovey.