• We believe in providing many leadership opportunities for our students here at Combs. Below are a few leadership roles in which students must sign up to participate. Families can preview information, deadlines, as well school contact to participate in these various roles.


    Cheer Club

    Vision: To provide all 3rd-5th grade students the opportunity to participate in a cheer club that celebrates school spirit, vertical grade level leadership, and the joy of being active. Leaders will learn motions, cheers, and choreography. Students meet after school from 3:30-4:30 in the music room. Fall and spring sessions are six weeks each. Sign up information will be sent home on September 15. The first practice will be on Wednesday, September 27. 

    Ashtin Gill agill@wcpss.net 


    Chorus is open to all 4th and 5th grade students who love to sing! We typically perform at Combs’ school events and sometimes off campus.  Fourth Graders meet on Wednesdays (7:45-8:25am) , Fifth Graders meet on Thursdays (7:45-8:25) and all rehearsals are in the music room. About a month before a performance, we will add Friday morning rehearsals with combined fourth and fifth grade Chorus students. I will have the Chorus packets available at the Back to School night outside of the Music room (I will be there too). All children are admitted to Chorus, but they do need to write an essay telling me why they want to join. I am unable to let a child join if I do not have your permission, which is also part of the Chorus packet. The packet turnaround time is quick as our first performance, Walk to School Day, is the first week in October. Please have your child turn them into me by September 1st and we will start Chorus with 4th Graders on Wednesday, September 6, 2023. Please contact me with any questions:

    Jacquie Wojtowicz  (pronounced Voytuvitch) : jwojtowicz@wcpss.net

    Gator Ball Handlers

    Is open to 3-5 graders who are motivated to attend practice every Tuesday morning from 7:45-8:25, and practice skills on their own 15 minutes per day.  Gator Handlers progressively learn over 50 basketball handling skills.  We move quickly so skill name recognition and performance  is critical in early practices as we then advance to improving skill performance speed and also application of skills to song - moving and performing skills rhythmically.  We perform at Combs, and in the community, and at times add extra practices in the morning or Tuesday afternoon from 2:45-3:30 to prepare for such events.   You can see a video example of our performance style here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LgeK6knmU9cD2yWUeFax8JWAwSwU8A-2/view?usp=sharing   Character development is a big part of our program.  Students in their first year complete a brief weekly written character homework assignment to help them develop the “skills that build” great life skills and expectations for our program.  Practice begins October 3 and runs through May 14.  Applications w/ student info./contract and essay will be available to all 3-5 students.

    Coach Hook: jhook@wcpss.net

    Gator Thespians

    We meet every Monday morning from 7:45-8:25. This group learns stage/acting terminology, works on memorizing lines, and learns acting, singing and dancing. We learn how to work together to produce a full musical. Any 4th and 5th grade Combs student can sign up to be a part of Gator Thespians. There are attendance requirements in order to work as a team. Application deadlines will be in September.

    Valerie Hobbs- vhobbs@wcpss.net

    Leadership Day

    This is held twice each year (fall and spring), and is an authentic way for students and staff to practice their leadership skills. Educators and business leaders from around the globe visit our school to learn from and see Combs leaders in action.  There are classroom leadership roles, as well as school-wide roles.

    Traci Totherow - ttotherow@wcpss.net

    Library Assistants

    Library Assistants will be assigned one morning per week from 8:00-8:30. Duties include shelving books, running library errands, helping students find as well as check out books and checking books in. This leadership role is open to all 4th and 5th grade students and requires them to complete an application.  

    Angie Headley aheadley@wcpss.net 

    Lisa Ray lray@wcpss.net

    Magnet Tour Guides 

    These are held during magnet application season (November - February).  Students serve as tour guides for prospective magnet families.  They lead guests around campus and share about our school along the way. 

    Traci Totherow - ttotherow@wcpss.net

    Morning News 

    These leaders run the live morning newscast daily.  Crew members are limited to 5th graders, along with one 4th grader apprentice. Roles include either on or off camera responsibilities. Applications are submitted in August for this year-long opportunity.

    Traci Totherow - ttotherow@wcpss.net 


    Our FIRST LEGO League Robotics clubs are available to 2nd-5th graders.  During the fall we have a competitive and non-competitive robotics team for 5th graders.  The competitive team applies during May of their 4th grade year (with opportunities for new 5th graders to join).  The non-competitive robotics team is part of the 5th grade in-school club offerings, and can be chosen during club sign-ups in the fall.  In the spring, we offer a 2nd-4th grade junior robotics after school club.  The application for junior robotics will be available in December.

    Chelsea L’Heureux - clheureux@wcpss.net 

    Safety Patrol

    Members hold a very important leadership role and are a vital part of our school environment.  They remind students of safety rules learned in the classroom and ensure a smooth and safe dismissal for all children.

    Some Safety Patrol responsibilities include:

    • AM duties -7:55-8:20 a.m.; PM duties - 2:55-3:25 p.m. 
    • Report for duty on time, wearing orange safety vests
    • Lead by example by encouraging students to observe safety rules on campus
    • Be proactive - look at the weather report if you have an outside duty and plan appropriately. 

    Applications will be available in mid-September.  Open to 4th and 5th grade students only. 

    Claudine Parisi - cparisi@wcpss.net

    Flag Holders

    At the beginning of each year families are asked to share about the countries of their families. We celebrate those countries with flag presentations during special events.  Students are asked to hold the flags. 

    After school paid activities


    More information coming soon!

    Lego Play-Well

    Engineering program using LEGO materials provided by Play-Well.  This program is offered in fall and spring with sessions lasting 6-8 weeks.  Informational fliers will come home to every student prior to a new session with information on how to join.


    More information coming soon!