Leadership Model

  • The Leadership Program receives national recognition for its emphasis on developing leadership in young children. It is grounded in the belief that building cooperative relationships and nurturing responsiblity, kindness and good judgement is the basis for creating a successful community of learners. By developing the WHOLE child – socially, emotionally, academically and ethically – the program fosters a climate of principle-centered and personal leadership. The principles of Dr. Stephen R. Covey , internationally renowned consultant and author of the 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE, are embedded in the school’s culture and guide the students, families and staff in building the leadership model. In addition, as part of a collaboration with the PTA, community members and families are given the opportunity through seminars to learn about and apply these principles. Each quarter of the school year, students identify and set their own personal academic goals. Using Baldrige criteria, data collection and data analysis practices, children track their progress and growth over the course of the school year. Students also learn social etiquette and develop communication and presentation skills through student-lead programming including a daily news broadcast, school-wide assemblies, community service projects, and an innovative Leader of the Week Program featuring local, state and national leaders. To see our theme essentials in Prezi, click here!


Leadership Notebook

Hallway Huddle

  • Hallway Huddles are short team meetings at the beginning of the school day (usually 10 minutes prior to the first bell). In these huddles, teachers have a chance to connect with team members, reconnect with our school’s core values and basics, and take care of the smaller “business items” that could otherwise take away from team planning and/or data discussions. Every staff member receives an agenda for the week with suggestions for a basic value to review, applicable quotes, and more! 
    Hallway Huddle
  • Did you know …
    At 211°, water is hot.
    At 212°, it boils.
    And with boiling water, comes steam.
    And steam can power a locomotive.

    Here at A.B. Combs, we are constantly working at 212° towards excellence in academics and leadership.  We know that just one degree of effort can make all the difference.  We challenge you to join us in giving 212° to everything that you do. 

    See the video that inspired us here.