• School Improvement Plan

    Each school is required to have a school improvement plan (SIP). This plan is the guiding principle of the school and is in direct alignment with the Wake County Public School System mission, goals and strategies. 

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    Meeting Dates (2:35pm - 3:35pm in the Learning Commons):  

    Sep 5, Sep 11*, Oct 2, Oct 17, Nov 6, Nov 13*, Dec 4, Dec 19, Jan 2, Jan 8*
    Feb 5, Feb 21, Mar 5, Mar 20, Apr 9, Apr 16*, May 7, May 22, Jun 4*
    * These meetings will be combined with the school Leadership team in room 1613

    SIP Team:

    Principal Jim Argent
    Central Office Diana Garland
    Asst Principal Stacey Reel
    Co- Chair Kristin McConnell
    Co-Chair Crystal O'Hara
    Secretary Terrance Hinnant
    Leland Young
    Octavious Andrews
    Maribeth Leonard
    Valarie Walker
    Catherine Lewis
    Heather Rogers
    Alisia Credle
    Christine Prosser