• Important Notes

    All 7th and 9th grade students are eligible during the first semester.

    All students must turn in to their coach the follow forms before tryouts:

    • Level specific Medical Form (physical)- must be completed by your physician
    • Concussion Form- Must have parent and student-athlete signatures
    • Grades from previous semester (not needed by 7th and 9th graders during the first semester

    HS Tryouts

    Be sure to also contact your coach prior to the season for preseason workouts, events, and information; also check the sports calendar.

    Tryouts: Can start on July 31st. 

    Eligibility: A) Must have a current physical on file or submit a new physical.  Wristbands will NOT be given if a physical expires before tryouts.  (B) Must bring a report card (or pull up PowerSchools) to show 2016-17 1st semester grades.  Must pass 6 out of 8 courses, 1.5 GPA or higher, and (C) Class attendance - must be in class 85% of the time during the semester (no matter what the reason is for the absence)


    MS Tryouts

    Be sure to check the sports calendar for updates. 

    Forms: Physicals and 1st semester reports are due on or before August 25th

            Football Tryouts start on August 29th.

         **** Must meet all eligibility requirements***** see requirements here