• Attendance Policies

    Regular attendance is critical to a student’s success. Attendance information is shared with parents and students. Each evening the School Messenger, and automated telephone system, phones home to report classroom absences – excused and/or unexcused.

    Excused Absences/Tardies Defined by WCPSS:

    • Illness or injury which makes the student physically unable to attend school
    • Quarantine by State Board of Health
    • Confirmed Medical or Dental appointments
    • Court, when a student is under subpoena
    • Religious Observance
    • Educational opportunities (Educational Leave must be approved by an administrator three (3) days prior to the leave).

    Unexcused Absences/Tardies Defined by WCPSS:

    •  Absences/Lateness such as oversleeping, heavy traffic, car trouble, missing the bus, absent from class without permission, etc…are unexcused.   Notes: In order for an absence to be excused, a note needs to be submitted to the Attendance Office that includes the following:
    • Student’s name (first and last), absence date(s), reason for absence, parent/guardian signature, home or work/cell phone of parent/guardian for confirmation. We accept emails from the email that is listed in Power school.
    • Notes must be submitted to bmwood@wcpss.net in the Attendance Office within two (2) days of the absence.
    • Absences not documented within two (2) days are considered unexcused.

    Check Out:

    Parent’s/Guardian’s must be prepared to present ID in order to check out a student. If someone other than a parent/guardian shows to check a student out of school, they must also present ID and be on the student’s contact/check-out list. If the person is not on the contact/check-out list, the Attendance Technician must contact a parent/guardian to receive verbal authorization to release the student.

    No student may be checked out after 2pm at the end of the school day.

    Students who leave campus without following proper sign-out procedures will receive a permanent unexcused absence in classes missed, and they will be considered skipping. Skipping will warrant disciplinary consequences.