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    Rising Seniors - Meningococcal Booster Vaccine

    North Carolina law now requires all rising 12th graders get a Meningococcal (meningitis) vaccine booster before starting 12th grade. Parents will need to provide a copy of their child’s immunization record showing proof of the meningococcal vaccine before the first day of school in August. Don’t wait, vaccinate! 

    The Meningococcal vaccine protects against four types of meningococcal disease, which can cause blood infections and meningitis. Meningitis is an infection of the fluid around the brain and spinal cord. 

    Families should: 

    • Talk to your child's doctor to find out if your child needs a meningococcal vaccine. 
    • Make sure your rising high school senior gets their meningococcal vaccine booster before starting 12th grade. 
    • Get a copy of your child's immunization record to provide to the school. 
    • Make sure your child is up to date on all their vaccines and their yearly checkup. 

    More information can be found on the Wake Gov website

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    Required health assessment 

    State law requires that every child entering public schools in N.C. for the first time receive a health assessment. The assessment must occur within 12 months prior to entering school. The medical provider, parent or guardian is encouraged to provide a completed health assessment transmittal form to school on or before the child's first day of attendance
    A parent or guardian has 30 calendar days from the first day of attendance to present the required proof of immunization and health assessment. At the end of the 30 calendar day period, any child without a health assessment shall be prohibited from attending school until he or she has obtained the required assessment. 


    North Carolina General Statutes (G.S. 130A-155) require that a parent or guardian of any child enrolled in public schools must present proof of immunization at the time of enrollment for the minimum requirements as specified in the law.
    State law requires these vaccinations before or on the child's first day of attendance.
    Do not depend upon school records to arrive from another school system since records may arrive late or with incomplete or unacceptable medical information. If you cannot secure a certified immunization record, contact your physician or Wake County Human Services. If the completion of a new immunization series should run beyond the 30-day period, a physician's written statement that a series is in progress showing the anticipated completion date will allow the student to remain in school.
    If the school hasn't received by the 30th calendar day from the first day of a child's attendance a record of completed immunization or a physician’s note stating an immunization series is in progress, the principal is required by law to exclude the child from school on the 31st day until such evidence has been presented by the parent or guardian.