Otter Splash News & Reminders

Posted by Stephanie Bias on 7/16/2021

Principal’s Otter Splash 7/16/2021

Hello, Oak Grove family! We had a wonderful second week for Tracks 1, 2, and 3. We enjoyed our Kindergarten Meet the Teacher on Wednesday, July 14. Thursday, July 15, was an exciting day as we welcomed back all our Track 1, 2, and 3 Kindergarteners.



Reminders for Carpoolers for a smooth arrival & dismissal

  • Morning carpool begins at 8:45 and ends by 9:10. Please try to arrive on campus between 8:45-9:00. As a reminder, students need to be inside the building by 9:15 or they will be considered tardy.
  • Afternoon carpool begins at 3:40 and ends by 4:00. During the first few days of a track change, the carpool line may take a little longer than 4:00. If our families arrive on time and ready, we should be able to complete the carpool around 4:00.
  • Adults stay in car at all times with car running
  • Please have your carpool number displayed during dismissal
  • Please practice carpool numbers with your student
  • Students should be ready to get out of the car quickly. If they are able, they can open the car door on their own. Our staff is there to help if needed.
  • Students should be seated in the back passenger seat (right side of the car) upon arrival; and will be placed in the back passenger seat at dismissal
  • Students should have backpack/personal items ready
  • Say goodbye or hello quickly
  • You can pull off by the Oak Grove track to the right as you exit if your Otter need help buckling up before leaving our campus


Chromebook Distribution (Tracks 1, 2, and 3)

This week we wrapped up Chromebook distribution for Tracks 1, 2, and 3.  You should start to see your student bringing their school issued device home every day.  It's their responsibility to charge it every night and bring it back to school the next day. Please refrain from decorating cases or removing cases from the devices. We look forward to the continued use of technology in the classroom to enhance learning. Eligible Virtual Academy students will receive their Chromebook at item distribution on July 29. Track 4 students can expect to have their distribution at the beginning of when they track back in August.



Virtual Academy 21-22

For our Virtual Academy families, Oak Grove is partnering with the 4 other Southwest Area Year-Round Schools (Laurel Park, Olive Chapel, Turner Creek, and Salem) to finalize teachers, rosters, and plans for the 21-22 Virtual Academy. As a reminder, your student will be following a Track 4 schedule. You should have received communication from me on Friday, July 16, with updated VA information. You can find the Virtual Academy Item Distribution flyer here. You should also expect to hear from your child’s VA teacher later this month. Our Virtual Academy contact is Ms. Rhodes, our Assistant Principal. You can reach her at .


Track 4 Summer Camp (July 12-16 and 19-23)

We kicked off Summer Camp on Monday, July 12, with Track 4 students that were notified by the school in the Spring. You should have received communication from Ms. Tysor ( with your child’s report card. You also should have heard from your child’s Summer Camp teacher this week.


Track 3 Summer Camp (August 2-6 and 9-13):

Ms. Tysor ( sent home information this week with our Track 3 students that were notified of participation in the Spring. We will see you the first two weeks of your track-out in August.




Older Splash Reminders:

21-22 Remaining Meet the Teacher events:

Track 4 (1st-5th grades): July 30, 1:00

Track 4 (Kindergarten): August 6, 4:15-5:15


Updated guidelines: For family engagement activities, NCDHHS requires schools to limit nonessential visitors and activities involving external groups or organizations. Before or after school hours, when students are not required to be in school, you may have visitors in your building. 

All visitors, staff, and students must follow face covering requirements if students are in the building.


Schools should make efforts to limit or minimize the number of visitors in a school at a time. Possible options include staggering event dates/times to reduce the number of people in areas of the school at the same time or hosting the majority of the event outdoors.


As a reminder, we still must limit visitors inside the building while students are in attendance. So, for now, please plan to meet an Oak Grove staff member at the door if you have something to deliver to school.  


Also, as a reminder, we still must wear masks inside the building when students are present. Students will not have to wear masks while outside or while actively eating or drinking (including lunch). Water fountains remain closed except for filling water bottles.


Grade Level Supply Lists:

Please find the grade level supply lists here:


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade


You child’s teacher may have additional items in a “wish list” that you receive at Meet the Teacher in July/August.


Items to Return to OGES:

We need to get the following back when students return in July/August:

WCPSS math manipulatives

WCPSS headphones

WCPSS white board

WCPSS EL books

If you haven’t returned these items, please do so when your student returns to OGES.


Purchase OGES Spirit Wear:

As we begin the 2021-2022 school year, the PTA wants to remind you that Spirit Wear is available for purchase now to get your student ready for the new school year. You can find ordering information here:


COVID Guidelines Updates (Subject to Change . . . )


  • Classroom Set Up:  

Desks do not have to be six feet apart. Teachers will use a seating chart whenever possible to monitor student interactions. Assigned seating could reduce the number of people who may have to quarantine if someone is diagnosed with COVID-19 and facilitate contact tracing.


  • Recess:

Social distancing and masks are NOT required while outside at recess.  Students can use all recess equipment.


  • Cafeteria:

Classes will be eating in the cafeteria as they have done in the past with the following guidelines:

  1. Serving lines will be set up in the traditional way so students can "self-serve" and make their own food/beverage choices.
  2. Students must have assigned seats.
  3. Students can talk and socialize while eating.  
  4. Adults will always remain masked in the cafeteria. 
  5. Students will be encouraged to replace masks when they finish eating. Masks will have to be in place prior to leaving the cafeteria.


  • Visitors in the School:

While there are still restrictions on visitors inside the school, there has been some loosening of these restrictions. Below are some highlights:

  • Nonessential visitors must still be limited, but . . . 
  • Schools may allow visitors when students are not required to be at school (i.e. before/after school or teacher workdays). Generally, visitors will only be allowed for planned events.
  • All visitors, staff, and students must follow face covering requirements if students are in the building. 
  • Schools must limit the number of visitors in the school at a time. 
  • Schools will ask families to limit the number of non-students attending in-school events and make arrangements for siblings when possible.


  • Health Screening:

We need your help to keep our school communities healthy by keeping your student home if they are not feeling well or have been diagnosed with or exposed to COVID-19. Thank you for your cooperation. More information


Move to Symptom Screening Reminders:

Students should not be in school if they are diagnosed with COVID-19, exposed to someone with COVID-19, instructed to quarantine, or if they are sick or experiencing any of these symptoms: 

  • 4° fever or higher
  • Sore throat
  • New cough
  • New shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • New severe headache

Visit for information about returning to school.



As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Ms. Rhodes or me with any questions you may have. We are happy to help.


All my best,


Stephanie Bias, Principal



  • Join the PTA:
  • Purchase Spirit Wear,
  • July 19-23: Track 4 Summer Camp Week 2
  • July 22: 3rd Grade BOG (Tracks 1, 2, 3)
  • July 29: Track-out Day, Track 3
  • July 30: Meet the Teacher for 1st-5th (Track 4 - 1:00)
  • August 2: First Day of School, Track 4 and Virtual Academy students
  • August 2-6: Track 3 Summer Camp Week 1