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Important School Information


Hi Families!  Listed below is important information about Pleasant Grove Elementary for all families to know to support their child.


Arrivals:  We encourage all families to let their child enter independently into the school each morning.  It is wonderful to celebrate your child’s growing independence and confidence.


Attendance: If your child is ever absent, families need to provide a note within two days of your child's return to school or the absences will be recorded as unexcused. 


Birthday Parties:  Pleasant Grove cannot accommodate requests for birthday parties at school. Adults should plan birthday parties, special treats, cake, cupcakes, and candies for their children at home or at a non-school location. 


Bus Conduct:  WCPSS will enforce a Code of Conduct for students who ride school bus transportation.  Students who cannot follow the code of conduct will lose bus riding privileges.


Bus Transportation:  Check  for updates about bus routes and services.  Each afternoon we post bus departure times on our school bus twitter @pgesbuses. If you have questions about bus routes/bus stops please call WCPSS Bus Transportation at 919-805-3030.


Carpool:  Help students learn their carpool number.  Parents make sure your child exits & enters from the passenger side. You may need to slide your passenger side front seat up so your child can enter or exit from the passenger side.  


Early Checkout: If you find it necessary to check your child out of school early, you must do so before 3:15 PM. You must show a photo id when you arrive to check your child out of school. For the safety of all our students, our office staff will ask to see a photo ID before releasing a child to anyone.


Health Assessment Forms: New families, please submit your required health assessment documentation for your child. At the end of the 30 calendar day period, state law requires any child without a health assessment be prohibited from attending school until he or she has obtained the required assessment.


Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement winter weather, information about closing or delay of school is available at, local television, and on the radio.  Make-up school days are determined by the school district.


Late Afternoon Carpool: Afternoon carpool is ending by 4:05 PM. Students who have not been picked up by the time the carpool line is done will need for parents to park and come inside to sign them out.


Parent Teacher Association (PTA):  Joining the Pleasant Grove PTA has never been so easy and made such an impact for the school.  Join for $10.  Visit


Student Accident Insurance:  Each school year, parents have the option to purchase accident insurance for their child through a WCPSS-contracted provider.  Visit for more information.


Student & Family Handbooks:  Copies of the Pleasant Grove Student & Family Handbooks are available online at


Student Meals:  Visit for information about student meals. Families can apply for free or reduced-price meals online by visiting .  Paper applications can be requested by calling 919-588-3535 or emailing .


Transportation Changes: If you have a transportation change that you can’t request in writing, please call the school office at 919-694-8770 prior to 2:30 PM so we can notify your child’s teacher. Please do NOT e-mail the teacher during the school day to request a transportation change. He or she might not read your e-mail until after dismissal.


Volunteers:  If you completed the WCPSS volunteer registration process last school year, then you will need to reactivate your application. If you are a new family, or did not register last year, you need to complete volunteer registration.  You can complete this process at this link:  Community Volunteers  

Wellness:  If your child is not feeling well, or experiencing COVID-like symptoms, then they should stay home.  Isolation requirements are listed online at  Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe and healthy!


Thank you for your support! The encouragement you provide your student means a lot.  Please contact the school office if you have questions and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.  The main line for the school is 919-694-8770.  If the phone is busy, please leave a message and we will follow up with you.