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Bulldog Bulletin for the week of 11/11/19



11/11/19 NO SCHOOL!!!!

11/14/19 Family Math Night (5:30-7:00)

11/15/19 PTA Fundraiser at City BBQ

    2nd Grade Field Trip - Farmer’s Market

11/18/19 Number Drummer Program

11/20/19 Make Up Picture Day

11/26/19 School Improvement Meeting - Quarterly Review

11/27/19 - 11/29/19 - No School Break

12/2-12/6 Book Fair


HELP US with... 

The​​ Briarcliff Fundraising Challenge!  


We have raised just over $7,500. Our goal is $10,000. Please help the students earn a dance party. This is our one-time fundraiser for the whole school. Please reach out to family, friends, or any company that may be willing to help. This is a great time to ask the company you work for because they will be looking for tax deductions. Please click here to donate any time before November 22!  


Family Math Night-Dinner Served at School


Dominoes, dice, and pattern blocks! It’s Briarcliff Elementary’s Family Math Night! Come join us for a fun evening filled with creative, hands-on math activities that will get your kids to think about and make sense of numbers!


There will be 16 go at your own pace stations to explore with three activity levels at each station. We will be playing games, making projects, and discovering how much fun math can be. And since all the activities are designed around our math standards, it’s a great way to reinforce the learning that goes on in the classroom. So bring the whole family and come and join your friends for some fun and engaging hands-on  math!


When: Thursday, November 14, 2019 

Dinner: Served from 5:30-6:30 in the cafeteria

Games: In the yellow and Purple Hallway from 6:00-7:00 

Parking on Pond Street


If you are parking on Pond St and dropping off or picking your student I am asking you to PLEASE STOP. This is dangerous and not a carpool location. I am very concerned that it would only take one driver not paying attention to hit you or your student. This has happened at other Wake County Campuses. PLEASE use carpool for the safety of you, your student/s, and others.

Kindergarten Registration


It is hard to believe but we are already thinking about next year. It is time to register your Kindergartner for school. If they are turning 5 on or before August 31st please go ahead and get them registered. This helps us prepare for next year. We have information on our website or you can use this link




WCPSS Child Nutrition Services wants families to know that they can apply online to qualify for free and reduced-price school meals.


Families who have a student receiving meals benefits from the 2018-19 school year need to know that those benefits will expire soon. 


Please find information that best describes your child’s school and you will find the date that benefits expired on October 8th.  Families can reapply or apply for the first time. The process is easy. Applications can be completed online.


Families can go online to to determine if their students qualify and to complete the online application. Families will find information about the application, frequently asked questions and the online application.


Families may also visit their school where paper applications will be available.


WCPSS Child Nutrition Services wants to make sure all qualified families enroll for free and reduced-price meals.



We have read 7,021 books. It is our goal was to hit 5,000 books by December 6th. I am so proud of our Bulldogs. This week I kissed a PIG! We are going to set a new goal of 10,000 books by then!  We will continue to work to read 416,000 minutes. Students who achieve the goal of reading 20 minutes per day throughout the time frame (for a total of 800 minutes) will receive TWO complimentary ticket vouchers to a Hurricanes home game.  Reading every night is one of the most important things you can do to support your child as a learner. 

Upon reading a certain number of books, school-level prizes will include the following:

  • 9,000 A movie and PJ day
  • 416,000 minutes Recess for an hour a day for a week

To log reading hours, please use this link for directions.    

From our School Psychologist


At Briarcliff Elementary, we want our kids to reach their potential and develop skills to thrive in school and in life. The week of November 11-15 is National School Psychology Awareness Week, the theme of which is “Find Your Focus.” Finding one’s focus can mean a variety of things from paying attention, to being able to see an idea more clearly, to identifying an area of interest, or to being persistent or determined in one’s effort. Focusing can help us set goals, identify action steps, communicate need, and engage in discussions to help create the connections necessary for students to develop critical academic and social emotional skills. School psychologists, along with other school personnel, work with students every day to help them find their focus—identify strengths and interests, develop persistence, see ideas and situations more clearly, and attend to important information in academic and social settings, and we believe families can do the same.

There are many ways families can help children find their focus. As parents and caregivers, you can:

  • Talk to your kids about their strengths and interests. What do they think they are good at? What activities are they interested in? What career path do they want to follow? Emphasize that learning and growing require trying new things and that success comes from small steps to a long-term goal
  • Encourage goal setting and mapping out a plan for achieving the goals. Talk with your children about steps they have taken, what worked and what didn’t, and what they might do next.
  • Praise attempts, as well as success, and make sure that you focus on the effort or hard work put into the success. Emphasize the importance of deliberate practice that talent is developed over time through skillful practice.
  • Help your child work through setbacks, or lack of self-confidence, by helping to identify negative thoughts that may suggest concerns about his or her ability to be successful. As a parent, you can help children see what the small steps are and how persisting and overcoming obstacles is a part of succeeding. Help your child realize that setbacks are not permanent or all-encompassing.

As the school psychologist at Briarcliff Elementary, I look forward to working with you and other families in our community to encourage all students, whether at home or at school, to FIND THEIR FOCUS!


Alexis Fiacco

School Psychologist More information is available at