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    Our Vision is to inspire, support, and empower all students to believe in themselves, achieve personal goals, and succeed academically.

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  • You can shout out your BES teachers and staff! Did your student have a great week? Did you see a teacher do something extraordinary? Did the school look especially clean? You can now recognize these teachers and staff - your shout out may be featured on our website or in the lobby!

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    Ms. Weaver

    This family is thankful for Ms. Weaver and shared a specific instance of why she is so great! "My son read “Esperanza Rising” with his class and Ms. Weaver let us know that the author, Pam Munoz Ryan, was at Quail Ridge Books Sunday afternoon. He really wanted to go — and it made me thankful for teachers who inspire an 11 year old boy to want to do that on a sunny weekend afternoon. ☀️ 📚"

    Ms. Gaffney

    One of our families is so grateful for Ms. Gaffney because "She has made my son so comfortable in her classroom. My son is a transfer student and he is thriving. She is so kind and caring and has gone out of her way to make sure the whole family is included in school functions. She is truly amazing and we are so thankful for her!"

    Ms. Wooten

    One family says that they are so grateful Ms. Wooten "tucked [our student] under her wing and kept a safe watch over him."  We love Ms. Wooten!  Check out her website for more information on who she is and her very important role here at Briarcliff! 


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