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2023-2024 School Supply List

All WFMS students would benefit from having the following
traditional materials available to them as they begin the school year.
Although all students are provided a school-issued Chromebook,
there will be times when traditional school supplies are needed.

Individual teachers may also request a few additional items as needed for their classroom

General Supplies Needed:
● Pencils
● Notebook Paper
● Highlighters
● Pack of Sticky Notes
● 3 Ring Binder w/ Dividers
● Pocket Folder (2-3)
● Index Cards
● Colored Pencils
● Water Bottle (WFMS Water Bottles will be sold with PTSA Spirit Wear)
● Headphones

Optional Supplies:
● Agenda
● Calculator (students will have access to an online calculator; the below
calculators are only recommendations if students prefer a hand-held device)
○ For Math 6, Math 6+, Math 7, Math 7+, Math 8: TI-73
○ For Math 1, Math 2: TI-84 or TI-84 Plus (these calculators will be
used throughout high school and into college)