Digital Resources

    • The Digital Resource Product Library displays WCPSS-reviewed digital tools. 
    • If a tool is not listed in the Digital Resource Product Library, it has not been reviewed and should not be used. 
    • Tools are listed alphabetically and include an approval status. 
    • Use the filter option to view by approval status or the search bar to search for a specific tool.
    • WCPSS staff must continue to access the Digital Resource Product Library from the WakeID Portal. This view is for families only.


    Product Approval Status Definitions

    Recommended: Fully approved for use. District supported.

    Recommended with Conditions - Approved for use with specific conditions. Usage could be limited by device type, age, or other conditions. District supported.

    Allowed with Conditions: Allowed for use. Usage could be limited by device type, age, or other conditions.

    Conditionally Allowed: Allowed for use during the 2023-24 school year. It will be reviewed to determine status for 2024-25.

    Reviewed & Denied: Not allowed. Use is prohibited due to instructional concerns, security concerns, or technical concerns.

    Expiring: Beginning with the 2024-25 school year, use of this product will not be allowed. 

    The Digital Resource Product Library is displayed below. You can also visit the library using this link.

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