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'Canes Power Play Encourages Fitness Among Middle-Schoolers

Carolina Hurricanes mascot Stormy exercise with middle school students

October 9, 2019


We are excited to once again partner with the Carolina Hurricanes to bring Power Play to all of our middle schools.  This partnership supports a community-wide fitness campaign around daily physical activity outside of school.  Your child will be able to be a part of this event by engaging in physical activity daily for 60 minutes!


The Power Play challenge, which kicks off Monday, Oct. 14 and culminates on Friday, Nov. 22, 2019, will include an individual and school-wide component as well as goals for each.  


Students who reach their individual goals will receive TWO complimentary tickets to a Carolina Hurricanes game. The school with the highest percentage of students meeting their goals will earn a Carolina Hurricanes Field Day event at their school in spring 2020.


Contact your child's middle school to see how they can participate in the Power Play program.  We appreciate this partnership with the 'Canes, which promises to enhance the physical activity and fitness of our students.