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Wednesday Words - 2/28/24

  • Dear Parents,


    We had an incredible storyteller, Donna Washington, here at Lacy on Friday. Please ask your child about what they loved about her presentation. Our students were so engaged and respectful.


    Next Thursday is our Curriculum and Connections event for parents. Please see details here: Curriculum and Connections Night Flyer. Transportation will be available for Raleigh Millbank and Grand Arbor neighborhoods.


    To join a Roundtable Conversation with Mrs. Miller and Foundation Leaders regarding the Lacy Foundation funded positions, please see information around the purpose and the date offerings HERE.

    Be sure to click on the Lacy PTA and Foundation information link HERE!


    Grateful for you,


    Sherri Miller


    February 28-March 6 – Spring Clothing Drive

    March 2 – Lacy Live Event at Lincoln Theatre

    March 5 – No School (Teacher Workday)

    March 7– Curriculum and Connections Evening (Parents Only)

    March 10 – Last Day to register for our HI Blended Pre-k for 2024

    March 11 – Teacher Workday

    March 25-29 – Spring Break



    If students arrive on campus after 8:30 am, please come to the door and sign your child in tardy with the QR code. Students should not be coming in after 8:30 a.m. without an adult checking them in.


    If you have a change of address or new phone number, please contact Emily Spooney at



    Ms. Haw is asking for baby wipes for our upcoming clay unit. Ms. Haw is so grateful for the generous donations of erasers in the art room. We are stocked for at least another year!




    SAFETY UPDATES Here is a link to our Lacy Protocols for Families to better understand our structures and routines to ensure that every child is safe and learning in our building. The district is using the CDC guidelines for COVID: Covid-19 Information


    This is just a reminder that students need to have their phone and Smart watches on Airplane Mode and placed in their bookbag for the day.




    · We use the word “pivot” to describe shifting your attention from what you don’t want to what you do want. This shift is crucial to effectively teach children and create positive change.

    · When you feel yourself getting triggered by a child’s behavior, take a deep breath. Say to yourself, “I’m safe. Keep breathing. I can handle this.”

    · Then ask, “Do I want more of this behavior?” If the answer is no, you can choose to pivot, shifting from what you don’t want to what you do want and then stating it assertively.

    · Examples: “No hitting!” to, “When you want to get your friend’s attention, tap her gently on the shoulder like this and say her name.” “Don’t touch that!” to, “Hold my hand so I can help you touch delicate objects safely.”

    n to achieve.