Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Tier Triangle

Levels of Support:

Tier 1 Support
Tier 2 Support
Tier 3 Support
  • Tier 3

    (formerly known as Student Support Team, or SST)
    Tier 3 refers to the most intensive level of intervention support and is reserved for the small percentage of students who, after receiving strategic support at Tier 2, continue to demonstrate significant delays in their academic growth in one or more areas. When a student demonstrates a need for this intensive level of support, Cedar Fork’s Tier MTSS Team develops an intensive plan of intervention, called a Tier 3 plan. People involved in the creation of a Tier 3 plan include the student’s homeroom teacher, another teacher from that grade level, an administrator, and the school psychologist. Other people often involved in the Tier 3 plan include a school counselor, intervention teachers, and other specialists as necessary.
    At this level of intervention, parents are encouraged to participate in intervention planning. The Tier 3 team collects additional information about a student to aid in developing interventions. This information includes vision and hearing screenings, classroom observations by a staff member other than the classroom teacher, a speech and language screening completed by Cedar Fork’s speech-language therapist, and family input. The goal of the Tier 3 team is to strengthen and support the individual student through the development and implementation of an individualized academic plan. After careful review of the student’s learning and intervention history and drawing on the student’s strengths and needs, the team collaborates to identify additional resources and targeted interventions that have the greatest potential to accelerate student progress based on short-term goals. Progress at the Tier 3 level is typically monitored once a week. The overall, and sometimes longer-term, objective is to have the student catch up to grade level academic standards. If the concern is behavioral in nature as well as academic, a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) may be considered. Tier 3 is part of the regular education program.