Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Tier Triangle

Levels of Support:

Tier 1 Support
Tier 2 Support
Tier 3 Support
  • Tier 2

    Tier 2 support is provided to students who fall below the academic standards that are expected and promoted at Tier 1. Parents will be notified by the teacher if their child is identified to receive strategic Tier 2 support. This support is often documented in a Tier 2 Plan. Once a need is identified, the grade-level team of teachers and other specialists (as needed) collaborate to develop plans for individuals or small groups of students who are in need of this level of support. People involved in the creation of a Tier 2 Plan include the classroom teacher and other grade-level teachers. Teachers may also consult specialists such as intervention teachers, instructional resource teachers, administration, school counselors, or school psychologist, if needed to develop good Tier 2 plans. This intervention addresses targeted student needs, and often can be provided within the regular classroom or within a smaller learning setting, such as with support from a reading intervention teacher.  Programs that are provided within a smaller group setting include a more structured effort to help below grade level students meet grade level standards. Students receiving Tier 2 support are monitored regularly in betweeuniversal screenings to determine if the student is benefiting from ongoing strategies and support. Parents receive information on how a student is responding to Tier 2 intervention through regular communication with the teacher. Tier 2 is part of the regular education program.