Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Tier Triangle
  • Tier 1

    Tier 1 refers to the foundational practice of providing all students with sound research-based core curriculumthrough the use of a range of solid instructional strategies. Tier 1 includes the general curriculum provided by the school, with which most students are successful. All students receive Tier 1 level instruction.

    Tier 1 instruction is provided primarily by students’ homeroom teachers, but may also include instruction from other teachers such as classroom grouping or differentiation. Brief universal screenings are administered in the fall, winter, and spring to ensure that students are responding to instruction at a specific level and rate that has been established as being predictive of year-end academic success. Cedar Fork uses the mClass assessments in reading as a universal screening. Parents receive information on how a student is performing academically at regular scheduled parent/teacher conferences.

Levels of Support:

Tier 1 Support
Tier 2 Support
Tier 3 Support