The Prickles Post

  • The Report of the Daily Reporters

    by Jared Krystofiak and Elise Fricke

    Journalism is a new club at Holly Grove Elementary, and it has sparked the interest of those not yet involved, so let's dive into the newest club at Holly Grove Elementary! First Grade Holly Grove Elementary School teacher, Nicki Woodruff, is the leader of this new club and the creator of “The Prickles Post.” She did not just want to start a club but had a goal in mind. Ms. Woodruff, said she started journalism because, “I was the editor of my high school newspaper and I enjoyed it, it was something that got me more interested in writing, and I've noticed there is a trend that when we talk about writing kids start to feel discouraged and often think of it as boring. I thought this might be a neat way to get kids more engaged.”

    This club is only open to the fifth grade. They meet once a month to work on a writing project with a partner that will get published in the school newspaper. The kids work collaboratively to plan, interview, and type up their articles. According to Ms. Woodruff, “My first thought was getting in touch with Administration to make sure that they were okay with everything, and then just getting things organized as far as the documents that needed to go out, setting up the Google Classroom, and so forth. Like I said it might be a little messy now but it'll only get better hopefully as the years go on.” This is an opportunity for kids to enjoy writing more with each other and hopefully influence their writing life when it may carry on to their actual curriculum and the next grade. Not only will The Prickle's Post inform the school but can keep parents and the community up to date on hedgie happenings within and out of school.