• Did you know that at Banks Road, our most popular menu items are served every week?!? In addition to the rotation with a variety of choices, the following popular choices will appear:

    • Monday - Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza
    • Tuesday - Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers
    • Wedensday - Chicken Nuggets
    • Thursday - Beef Taco with Tortilla Chips
    • Friday - Hot Dogs


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Diabetic planning menus

  • Starting August 2021, the Carbohydrate calendar will no longer be posted as we are now using MealViewer. Please download the application and use our interactive menu website to look up allergens, nutrients and carbohydrate count.
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Breakfast & Lunch Menus

Special Diets

We can make accommodations for special diets as ordered by your child's healthcare provider. Return a Diet order form (English) or Formulario de orden de dieta (Español) to your school's Child Nutrition Manager.