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    Dear Elementary Families,

    In recognition of the 20th Anniversary of the Carolina Hurricanes and the Wake County Public School System’s Strategic Plan Vision 2020, we will be partnering to bring Readvolution to all of our elementary schools. This partnership will support a community-wide literacy campaign around daily reading outside of school.  The event has a start date in schools of October 2nd and an end date of January 12, 2018. Your child will be able to be part of this event by reading daily for 20 minutes!

    The challenge will include an individual and school wide component as well as goals for each.  The individual component will include the following:

    • Through an online tracking system, students will provide their name and minutes read each day. Please see the log in instructions.
    • Students who achieve the goal of reading 20 minutes per day (Monday - Friday) throughout the October -January time frame will receive a complimentary ticket voucher to a Hurricanes home game.
    • Students will have the opportunity to nominate a teacher who has encouraged them most in their reading. Randomly selected nominated teachers will be highlighted at a Carolina Hurricanes game.
    • Students in grades 3-5 will have the opportunity to write and submit an essay on a chosen topic. An essay winner per region will be recognized county wide.


    The school wide component of the challenge includes the tracking of books read collectively at the school site.  This component will include the following:

    • Schools that collectively read 2,020 books between October-January will be entered into a drawing by region to participate in a culminating event (Cool School Field Trip) at PNC arena during the school day in February.
    • If your school is selected from the drawing to attend the culminating event, students will have the opportunity to see a Hurricanes practice, participate in fun activities, and hear from Hurricane players.
    • For every book a student reads, they will write on a paper puck the title of the book as well as their name, which will be added to the Hurricanes hockey goal banner. The goal is to collectively fill the banner with 2,020 pucks.
    • The Hurricanes will visit select schools throughout the campaign to encourage students to read.


    Thank you for your willingness to participate in the Readvolution program. We appreciate this opportunity to build life-long readers and learners in our community.