• PTA 2022-2023 Board Members

    President  - Amy Coppola | oakviewelementaryptapresident@gmail.com

    Vice President – Amanda Lord | oakviewelementaryptavp@gmail.com

    Treasurer – Sarah Larson  | oakviewelementaryptatreasurer@gmail.com

    Secretary – Emily Strausser | oakviewelementaryptasecretary@gmail.com


    Guidelines for the Election of Officers and Officer Terms

    The State Office has received numerous questions regarding officer elections and terms due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As you know, on April 20, 2020, the NCPTA Board of Directors approved amendments to the Local Unit and Council Uniform PTA Bylaws to address the international COVID-19 pandemic allowing meeting by teleconference, in the event of an emergency; such as natural disaster, war, or epidemic. The amendments clearly state ways for the membership to meet while circumstances such as a pandemic prevents your general membership from physically meeting. 

    We hope the information provided in this notice will help clarify procedures concerning the election of officers and how your unit can proceed.


    The Uniform Bylaws state that local units and councils are to hold elections of officers at the last general membership meeting of the year. The Board of Directors of the local units and councils, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the board members in office, has the authority to change the date of a regular scheduled general membership meeting.

    If your unit decides to have elections by teleconference before the end of the fiscal year, your unit must comply with the procedures outlined in the NCPTA State Emergency Virtual Meeting Policy. The policy address participation guidelines, quorum, motions, roll-call vote process and more. 

    If your unit decides, the last general membership meeting of the fiscal year could be postponed and the elections of officers could take place at such time when gathering limits are relaxed or wait till school resumes in the fall. A delay in elections will cause officers to hold the position past the designated term, but that possibility is provided for in your bylaws (or until his/her successor is elected).  

    Officer Terms:

    The term of office in the Uniform Bylaws has not been amended. The term for officers remains a one-year term with the opportunity to serve two consecutive terms in the same office. Therefore, each officer terms ends on June 30 or when his/her successor is elected.


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    Volunteer Opportunities

    Volunteers are essential to the success of our programs. Throughout the school year there will be special events and programs where we will need some extra helping hands. If you are interested in donating an hour or two, or more, please email us at oakviewptaowls@gmail.com. We will notify you of volunteer opportunities as they arise.


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