• Meet The PTA 2018-2019 Board Members

    President  - Tamara Johnson | oakviewelementaryptapresident@gmail.com

    Vice President – Judy Chudek | oakviewelementaryptavp@gmail.com

    Treasurer – Mikki Berry | oakviewelementaryptatreasurer@gmail.com

    Secretary – Serena McCutcheon | oakviewelementaryptasecretary@gmail.com






    Do you like to keep on top of legislative issues that affect our schools and your children?

    The Advocacy Committee is responsible for following current federal and state legislative activities and the NCPTA’s position on these key issues. This committee also communicates this information to the PTA Board and membership.



    Want to be a part of the PTA, but don’t have much time? This is the committee for you! (Very little time requirement)

    Audit conducts a monthly review of the PTA’s bank statements and supporting documents. The committee meets one evening a month for no more than 1 hour.



    Help to Create a Lifelong Love of Books and Reading

    The Book Fair Committee is responsible for organizing and promoting the annual Book Fair in the Fall. This one-time event lasts just over a week and offers students an opportunity to shop for books.  There is a Family Night and a Parent/Grandparent morning as well.  The purpose of this committee is to start students on the track of being lifelong readers.  In addition, it helps to raise funds for the Library/Media Center and classrooms.



    Share the Good News!

    The Communications Committee is the point of contact for all PTA Communications, inputs Calendar Updates, and creates and sends the Monthly PTA Newsletter.






    Going Beyond the Classroom to Enrich Student Lives

    The Enrichment Committee provides students with exposure to programs and events outside of the academic classroom. These include performing arts, music and drama, as well as other extracurricular events - such as after school clubs and bike and walk to school.



    The Engine of the PTA!

    Yes, Fundraising is responsible for raising funds for the PTA. But, it is ultimately responsible for all of the events and activities that PTA is able to offer to students. Without the efforts of the committee, events such as movie nights, enrichment arts/music programs, teacher appreciation, and many more activities would not be possible.  This committee already has several programs in place such as the Phantom Fundraiser, Brick Fundraiser, and the many Spirit Nights (involving restaurants in the area).  Help with the current efforts or bring new ideas to this committee.



    Do you love to make people feel special and appreciated?

    The Hospitality Committee coordinates events to show appreciation to the teachers and staff at Oakview.  These events include snack carts, early release lunches, coordinating teacher appreciation, and other opportunities. 



    Bring in the People!

    Membership is key to any school’s PTA. The goal of the PTA is to keep parents connected and part of the Oakview community. This committee helps spread the word about becoming a member including benefits and opportunities, and follows through to make sure that members are signed up, have paid their dues (currently just $6 a year), and are welcomed into the PTA. This committee also updates the PTA Membership directory.



    Finding the Right People for the Job

    (Typically just active in the Spring)


    The Nominating Committee helps to identify talented, motivated and responsible individuals to serve on the PTA. This committee may be called on to recommend for committee positions as well as officers of the PTA Board.



    Help Parents to Stay Connected and Informed

    The Room Parent Coordinator works to sign-up room parents for each classroom, explains the duties of the room parent, and communicates key activities, events, and volunteer opportunities to the room parents for them to share with their respective classes.



    Bring on the Spirit!

    The Spirit Wear Committee works with distributors to bring various Spirit Wear options to students, staff, and parents. This committee orders, promotes, and sells Spirit Wear throughout the year.








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    If you are interested in volunteering for a particular committee, please email oakviewptaowls@gmail.com

    Here's a link to a list of the PTA committees and what they do.


    Volunteer Opportunities

    Volunteers are essential to the success of our programs. Throughout the school year there will be special events and programs where we will need some extra helping hands. If you are interested in donating an hour or two, or more, please email us at oakviewptaowls@gmail.com. We will notify you of volunteer opportunities as they arise.


    News and Events

    Be informed about all events, programs, and happenings by signing-up for the PTA monthly newsletter. Click here to subscribe.

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