• School Expectation : Be responsible. Be respectful. Be the best you can be.

    Wake County Public School Board Policy 6400 states that "Students shall comply with the Code of Student Conduct of the Wake County Public School system, state and federal laws, school board policies, and local school rules governing student behavior and conduct."

    When behavior patterns disrupt the learning climate of the school or the safety and welfare of individuals, it shall become a matter of administrative action involving the student and/or parent or guardian. If a student’s behavior is of a serious nature and all efforts to find a solution to the problem fail, the student will be removed from the school setting. The length of the suspension will depend on the severity and duration of the problem. Students who cause purposeful injury to other students are subject to immediate notification of parents and suspension from school. Our goal is to provide a safe, encouraging learning environment for all students. Please discuss the Pleasant Union Discipline Plan as well as the Student Code of Conduct Contact and the WCPSS guidelines listed in the Student Handbook with your child.

    All students are responsible for complying with and are expected to be familiar with the WCPSS Code of Students Conduct and school board policies governing student behavior and conduct. All Code of Student Conduct policies are contained in the WCPSS Student/Parent Handbook, which is distrubuted to all students and parents at the beginning of each school year or upon enrollment in the WCPSS. If there is a conflict between the rules expressed in this handbook/agenda/planner and the Code of Student Conduct policies, the WCPSS Code of Student Conduct policies shall take precedence.

    Todas las políticas del Código de Conducta Estudiantil se encuentran en el manual de WCPSS de Estudiantes/Padres, el cual se distribuye a todos los padres y estudiantes al principio de cada año escolar o al matricularse en el WCPSS. Si hay un conflicto entre las reglas expresadas en este manual de Estudiantes/Padres y el manual/agenda/planificador de la escuela de su hijo(a) las reglas expresadas en este manual deben tomar prioridad.