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Sue Adams
Georgia Alexander
  • galexander@wcpss.net
  • I believe...

    every student should have the chance to realize their
  • potential and strengths.
Bernice Alston
Stacy Arrington
  • svarrington@wcpss.net
  • I believe

    it is important to build strong relationships with students
  • & families to help students flourish and grow into independent
  • independent readers and life-long learners. It is important to give students the tools and opportunities for success they need to help them reach their full potential.
Lindsey Atkins
Taryn Baek
  • tbaek@wcpss.net
  • I believe...

    “No matter what happens in life, be good to people.
  • Being good to people is a wonderful legacy
  • to leave behind.”
Brian Balsis
Victoria Barnes
Samantha Carter-Palmer
  • scarterpalmer@wcpss.net
  • I believe

    students learn best in an inclusive and engaging
  • classroom that gives them the opportunity to
  • shine like the stars they are.
Melanie Cox
  • mcox@wcpss.net
  • I believe...

    the most successful academic outcomes are achieved
  • by building positive, trusting, and safe relationships with
  • our students.
Sherron Crudup
Lindsey Cunningham
  • lcunningham2@wcpss.net
  • I believe...

    all students can reach their maximum potential when
  • provided the opportunity & tools necessary to grow
  • academically & socially in a safe & student-centered learning environment.
Jason Daniels
  • jdaniels2@wcpss.net
  • I believe...

    that hard workers will outperform talent any day of
  • the week! Everyone isn’t born with extraordinary talents,
  • but everyone can work hard and perform at a high level!
Melody Daniels
  • mjdaniels@wcpss.net
  • I believe...

    that failure is a part of the learning process that MUST
  • be modeled and embraced in order to show children its
  • lifelong value.
Susan Davidson
  • sdavidson@wcpss.net
  • I believe...

    classrooms are most effective when they reflect the
  • thinking of the children, are organized, positive and
  • responsive to students' needs.
Victoria Davis
Susan Davis
  • sdavis13@wcpss.net
  • I believe...

    every day is an opportunity for growth & new discovery
  • I look forward to creating a positive & joyful learning
  • environment where curiosity & wonder are celebrated.
Jada Davis
Katie Durig
  • kdurig@wcpss.net
  • I believe...

    in creating an inclusive & dynamic learning environment
  • that encourages students to question, create & design
  • with purpose, fostering the development of critical thinkers, problem solvers, & innovative designers.
Faith Echebiri
  • fechebiri@wcpss.net
  • I believe...

    a classroom should be a positive, supportive, and
  • equitable learning environment that gives students the
  • opportunities to be successful.