• Brand Identity

    Rising Towards Excellence



    SOAR symbolizes our community and school.

    1. Speed and efficiency: our jet can symbolize swift progress and efficient movement towards a goal.
    2. Technological Advancement: As a symbol, a jet might convey progress, innovation, and the embrace of modernity. 
    3. Freedom and Adventure: Jets are often associated with travel and exploration. Our community is composed of over 30 different cultures.
    4. Globalization: In a symbolic sense, a jet could represent globalization, interconnectedness, and the shrinking of geographical boundaries.

    SOAR the Jet



    Color is one of the most visible components of any school identity. It should be used with consistency to ensure that the integrity of the identity is maintained. It is important when producing the broad range of materials used by Brier Creek Elementary and its stakeholders, that all attempts are made to match the colors specified below. When choosing additional colors for background graphics and typography, always ensure they complement our core identity colors.

  • purple school color

    Pantone: 2597 C

    CMYK: 78.71,100,6.74,2.56

    RGB: 94,13,193

    Hex: #5E0D8B

  • green school color

    Pantone: 355 C

    CMYK: 85.63,15.64,100,3.14

    RGB: 0,149,58

    Hex: #00953A