• Aviation Presentation to Mr. Pennington's Classes

    Career and Technical Education Course Offerings

    Career Development:
    Exploring Personal Characteristics and Careers
    Exploring Careers and Employment

    Computer Science and Information Technology:
    Keyboarding and Basic Word Processing
    Digital Literacy
    Introduction to Office Productivity
    Office Productivity 
    Computer Science Discoveries I
    Computer Science Discoveries II

    Family and Consumer Science:
    Exploring Social and Emotional Skills
    Exploring Childcare
    Exploring Apparel and Interior Design
    Exploring Nutrition and Wellness

    Business Financial Management:
    Business Procedures and Entrepreneurship
    Business Activities

    Trades, Technology, and Engineering:
    Project Lead the Way Gateway:  Design and Modeling
    Project Lead the Way Gateway:  Automation and Robotics
    Engineering Technical Systems Interactions
    Engineering Technical Systems and How they Work