• Elective Registration Information

    Elective Course Descriptions - Read more for the description of each elective offered.  The catalog is organized by subject (K-2 and then 3-5).  Students in 2nd and 3rd grade have an elective together during 3rd period.  During that time, the elective offered might be from the K-2 or the 3-5 catalog, since the elective encompasses students from both grade levels.  If the description is not found here, check the back of the elective brochure as a description might be provided there.


    Things to note about elective registration:

    • We register students in grade level priority (5th grade, then 4th grade, then 3rd grade, etc).
    • We register twice a year; once in the Fall and once in the Spring.  Within each grade level, if your child's homeroom class registers first in the Fall then they will register last in the Spring to provide fairness to all.
    • Students in 2nd-5th grade will meet the Magnet Coordinator with their brochure and help use the preferences listed by parents as a guide and select their electives.  This gives them ownership and voice in the process.  Students in Kindergarten and 1st Grade are registered by the Magnet Coordinator based on the preferences provided by parents.
    • In the brochure, if a teacher has written their initials beside a specific elective, then they recommend it for your child.  If you are in agreement, then  put it as your #1 choice in that section.
    • When we register, we select 1 arts elective and 1 academic elective each quarter.  This ensures a well rounded experience and allows us to maintain small elective class sizes.  In the brochure, that means we will select 2 classes on each page in a diagonal direction (1 academic elective from the top section paired with 1 arts elective from the bottom section).
    • Band and Strings start in 3rd grade.  They are full-year commitments.


    Elective schedule (Monday through Thursday, elective classes change quarterly):

    • 9:30-10:10 4th/5th Grade Elective
    • 10:10-10:50  3rd/4th/5th Grade Elective
    • 10:50-11:30 2nd/3rd Grade Elective
    • 2:15-2:55 Kindergarten/1st Grade Elective (starting 2nd quarter)
    • 2:55-3:35  1st/2nd Grade Elective


    Electives per grade level:

    • Kindergarten:  3 electives a year (1 elective each quarter starting Quarter 2)
    • 1st Grade:  7 electives a year (1 elective Quarter 1, 2 electives Quarters 2-4)
    • 2nd-5th Grade:  8 electives a year (2 electives each quarter)