• Synopses of our 5th grader's experiences at Bridges


    "I liked the friendships I had with the kids at Bridges.  I just want to thank all the teachers for helping me and getting me through the tough times.  One thing I learned here is that arguing is not the answer.  The key is to be respectful and loyal.  I love Bridges!" ~ M.W.


    "At Bridges is was rough and patchy at the beginning.  After the first few weeks my mom reminded me that Bridges is not a bad school.  Bridges was here to help me learn how to control my anger.  I have made friends that have impacted me.  Everybody was nice and they allowed me to share my story." ~ T.O.


    "My first day at the Bridges school I was shy but then I became popular.  I like that the students and teachers are very funny, definitely Mr. Tico.  I really don't feel like leaving this school because I'm going to miss a lot of people here." - I.D.


    "At Bridges I got better at decimals.  I'm respectful to staff and kids.  I can help kids if they need help.  The staff at Bridges helped me learn how to walk away from situations that make me angry.  I learned that I can talk to staff when I'm mad.  I will miss the teachers at Bridges.  I will also miss my friends." ~ A.B.