• Our Vision Statement

    We will do whatever it takes to transition students with social-emotional reslience and strengthened academics.

    Program Components

    • Assessment/Intervention program
    • Comprehensive evaluation (educational, behavioral/emotional) when appropriate
    • Structured behavior management and feedback system
    • Academic instruction based on individual needs and abilities
    • Daily student/staff group meetings for planning, evaluation, and problem solving
    • Support for student and staff as students transition back to a less restrictive setting
    • Focus on strong liaison with community services
    • Development of interventions and plans to facilitate student success  

    Description of Program

    • Component of Wake County Public School System
    • Located in a wing of Mt. Vernon School
    • Student hours – 8:00 a.m. to 2:55 p.m. 
    • Breakfast – All of our students receive a free breakfast. (See Letter Attached)
    • Lunch full-paid = $2.55
    • Transportation provided

    Target Population

    • Students experiencing academic, emotional and behavioral difficulties that are interfering with school success
    • Students' difficulties may include academic, family, behavioral, social, neurological, and thought/mood disorders
    • Elementary students, 1st - 5th 


    The goal is to determine an appropriate educational setting for each student. BRIDGES supports a student's transition by working directly with students and by supporting the student once he is placed in a less restrictive educational setting.


    Referral to Bridges - (please read, referral process has changed)

    All referrals to Bridges initiate at the school level.  Individual families are not able to refer students.

    Bridges is a public separate school program and the vast majority of our referrals are for students who are already receiving special education services.  All referrals for special education students will be first screened through your school's special education behavior specialist.  Please speak with him/her about a potential referral.  

    If you are considering referring a regular education student, please contact Lisa Cruz, Director, at (919) 233-4046.  


    If your special education behavior specialist approves a referral, it will be scheduled for the next available referral meeting slot.  Referral meetings are held on select Thursday afternoons.   Therefore, in order to be considered for a Thursday afternoon referral meeting, the referral must be received no later than 9:00 a.m. on the Monday prior to the Thursday meeting (see dates below).  Referrals should be sent in with all required components in order to be scheduled.   Referral Meetings for the 2019-20 school year are scheduled for the following dates:  


    Referral Meeting Date:                          Competed referral due:

    September 12                                          September 9

    September 26                                          September 23

    October 3                                                September 30

    October 17                                              October 13

    November 14                                          November 11

    December 12                                          December 9

    January 16                                             January 13

    January 30                                             January 27

    February 6                                             February 3

    February 20                                           February 17

    March 5                                                 March 2

    March 19                                               March 16

    April 2                                                   March 30

    April 16                                                 April 13

    May 7                                                    May 4