• Wiley Magnet Elementary

    As one enters our charming 1920’s building, the initial greeting shouting from the wall is “We Are WILEY.” The statement is surrounded by pictures of students, staff, family members, and community volunteers. “We Are WILEY” pulls its power from the incredible teamwork of the entire Wiley community to provide a nurturing, safe place that fosters students’ academic growth while honoring the process by which they evolve in their social and emotional development. We Are WILEY. The Wiley community empowers innovative learners who explore and enhance our changing world. 


    Our Vision

    Wiley is a collaborative community that takes initiative to provide rigorous learning and growth experiences for all students to become productive global citizens.


    Our Values

    • Teachers are motivated, enthusiastic, collaborative, goal-oriented, and driven to experience continued professional growth to respond to student needs with a sense of urgency.
    • We encourage students to explore the complex world around them through recognition of perspectives, investigations of the world, communication of ideas, and taking action.
    • All students have unique capabilities and deserve classroom communities that foster collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking through rigorous investigative experiences that bring joy to learning.
    • We value an inviting school community that builds respectful and inclusive relationships, embraces diversity and promotes risk taking.