• Safety Patrol

    The rising 5th Graders will have an opportunity to help provide a safe environment at Wiley. Each Spring, 4th graders are invited to be a Safety Patrol. Once the students are in 5th grade, they become patrol members. Last year, the number of students showing interest was 43. As a result, two groups were formed. One group of patrols worked in the first semester, while the other performed duties in the second semester. Safety Patrol members are responsible for helping students cross the street safely, assisting with carpool loading and unloading, and monitoring behavior in other areas. They must also maintain their academic responsibilities, follow the Wiley Way each day, and strive to be a positive role model, to remain on duty. Fourth graders receive letters in May, after which they are trained by the current outgoing Safety Patrol students. The last three days of the school year, the Fourth Grade students take over the position so they are ready to start on day one of the following school year. Watch for some of Wiley's best, dressed up in orange! 
    Membership and participation in all student clubs and organizations is open to all students without regard to age, race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or other protected classifications.