Mr. Paternina


    Salut! My name is Alvaro Paternina, a foreign language teacher and graduated from Universidad del Atlántico.  I am joining the French and Spanish classes at DDMMS. I am originally from Colombia: A beautiful, culturally diverse country located in South American and full of amazing landscapes.

    Since I started teaching, 4 years ago, I have been working and preparing myself to support and guide my students academically and to guide them in to young adulthood as strong leaders. I am certified with C1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, I took a seminar on Revitalizing Classroom through Action Research, and a course on Content Language Integrated Learning.  I have always been passionate about travelling, interested in learning new languages in order to communicate with people from other countries, and experiencing different cultures. I enjoy outdoor activities and sharing life experiences that I then use to teach and learn from.   

    I am glad to share with my students in my classes my own experiences!  I work in helping them understand that there are no limits to what they can accomplish.  I teach students to be proud of the places they are from, admire all languages and embrace all cultures.  It is important to me that students are open to respecting differences and take part as leaders in making better our connected world.