• Testimonials


    ...On a side note, I’m beyond amazed and impressed at Dillard. We moved [our son] to Dillard from [a charter school] and really didn’t know what to expect. I’m here to tell you he’s thriving…probably his best year of school ever. His team is amazing…they knew he was the new kid and checked in with me several times throughout the year to say he was doing great. He made the track team, he’s gotten straight A’s, joined NJHS. It’s just been the best!!! A special shout out to all the staff who have truly gone above and beyond. The world needs more teachers like DDMMS! My rising 5th grader is so excited to be a Dragon next year. I have zero complaints about Dillard. Not a single one!
    -7th Grade Parent, 2021-2022

    I have been so impressed to see how intricately and thoughtfully the Dillard Drive Magnet Middle School's magnet theme has been woven into each and every class and experience at DDMMS! My children come home excited to share how they are learning about different cultures and countries in each of their classes and they even have the opportunity to extend this learning into clubs (like Model United Nations, International Club, Latin Dance/Swing, Draco Musica, etc)! Not only are they thriving as they learn about various cultures in all of their core classes, but they also love having great conversations with their friends in the "world cafe" (aka the cafeteria), learning games from around the world during PE, experiencing language and culture in their language classes, and receiving enriching global music and art lessons. I am amazed at how the global studies and language immersion program has given them such a great perspective and understanding of the world and they are now developing a broader lens to see the world through! When young minds are provided with global education, they are filled with a greater sense of compassion, collaboration, understanding, acceptance, and kindness, and that is reflected and felt throughout the hallways of DDMMS.  As technology evolves rapidly, and our world comes more connected, we are ecstatic to send our children to Dillard Drive because we know DDMMS is giving them a deep understanding of the world which will help them be successful global citizens and will prepare them to work in any career and alongside people from all over the world.

    7th Grade Parent, 2021-2022


    Dillard Drive Magnet Middle School is an amazing school.  We have two children that attend DDMMS, one is in 8th Grade and the other is in 6th Grade.  We feel honored to have our children attend this school.  We have seen how the staff and teachers have taken the time to truly help guide, mentor and educate my own children.  The Global Studies & World Language program at DDMMS truly helps teach our children equality and for them to celebrate diversity.  It has also offered the opportunity for my own children to learn from new cultures and to also share new experiences throughout the world.  I truly feel that Dillard Drive Magnet Middle School strives to work together with everyone and their goal is to make our child of today the best citizens for tomorrow.

    8th & 6th Grade Parent, 2021-2022


    Dillard Drive Magnet Middle School's amazing staff uses the UNSDG's in each lesson to show the students how what they are learning can be applied to their world outside of school and make the environment a better place if everyone works together. I feel this makes the learning real for the kids and shows them why it is important and how they each can make a difference.  

     -7th Grade Parent at DDMMS, 2021-2022


    Ms. Feldman & Ms. Nelson,

    [My wife] and I want to thank all of the wonderful staff members for providing us with a very well put together open house presentation.  We enjoyed hearing how your mission is to serve the students with an enriched and motivated learning environment.  Every staff member showed their true professionalism coupled with the important element of fun.  We feel more comfortable now as our son Fenn approaches his 6th grade year.  Go Dragons!


    Best regards,

    5th Grade Parent, Rising 6th Grader 2021-2022


     My two boys have and do attend DDMMS.  My oldest was at DDMMS before it was a magnet school.  My youngest is now here as an 8th grader and experiencing the new magnet theme.  I always loved Dillard Middle and its focus on creating strong bonds with children to ensure their success.  Now that it has become a magnet school, I am seeing an even greater impact in "the bonding" as it is happening not just between staff and students, but between students and their community.  As DDMMS makes a genuine effort to embrace their theme of Global Learning, they have really looked at ways to come into the community and help.  My son has enjoyed the growth of our 4H club and being able to now see how his work with food security and donations of clothes through 4H have a direct connection to the UN's SDG goals #1 No Poverty #2 No Hunger.  He is really understanding the connection of community service to the bigger need within our world thanks to the teachers and their instruction so far on the SDGs.

    - 8th Grade Parent, 2021-2022


    I have been constantly impressed with Dillard Middle as the magnet theme is being integrated.  My daughter is in 8th grade and has mentioned several times how she is learning about other countries and cultures.  She especially enjoys the "fun fact" about different countries in the morning announcements.  Her interest in a foreign language has grown!

    -8th Grade parent, 2021-2022



     My family has been extremely pleased with our journey in Dillard Drive Magnet Middle School thus far. Our oldest child is now a 7th grader and as most know, 6th grade can be a very tough transition. Even from the 5th introduction to Dillard Drive Middle, the caring principal and staff were so overwhelmingly positive that it really lessened the anxiety.  And it didn't stop there.  All through the year, that same wonderful attitude was on full display.  Some may say making a good first impression is easy, but keeping that same level of engagement throughout an entire school year shows they really care.    

         Last year was particularly challenging with the pandemic forcing all schools to virtual.  That is where the teachers and staff really shined.  The  teachers made the absolute best of a difficult situation while Principal Feldman updated us all like clockwork, showing a true commitment to keeping the parents and students informed.  During a time of so much uncertainty, it was a true gift to understand where things stood school wise.  

         While the staff and teachers are incredible pluses for Dillard Drive Magnet Middle, the diversity is even more refreshing.  One visit to the school (when that was allowed earlier last year) showed true diversity in a setting with that diversity being celebrated.  It felt safe and encouraging for kids to be themselves and really share the parts of their story with others.  We are so excited for the opportunity to see Dillard Drive Magnet Middle push that even further with the international studies disciplines, especially with our second child moving into 6th grade next year.  The people and students really make Dillard Drive Magnet Middle a special place, and the shift to magnet school will amplify that.  Keep up the great work!  

     -7th Grade Parent at DDMMS, 2020-2021


    Good evening Mrs. Feldman,
    I wanted to take a minute to thank you and the entire staff for making first day back at DDMMS building such a success - it certainly was from our perspective.
    Sunday night we had a tense and nervous 6th grader. Tonight, we have a super excited, happy, motivated and energetic 6th grader. She must have said at least 100 times how much she LOVES school and just had such a great day! THANK YOU.
    And a special thanks to Mrs. Hinnant for calling to check in tonight and learn how [our daughter's] day went. That’s just so kind and thoughtful.
    You guys are heroes!!
    All the best (and we have someone who just can’t wait to go back tomorrow) and keep up the excellent work.
    6th Grade Parent at DDMMS, 2020-2021


    I just wanted to quickly reach out and let you know how amazing your staff is (I’m sure you know that) and how grateful we are for you all!

    We are new to DDMMS and WCPSS. We have been absolutely blown away by our son's awesome 6th-grade team! We are so very grateful for the wonderful staff here. 

    The enthusiasm and professionalism of the teachers are just incredible, especially during these uncertain times. As a K-12 SLP (and I worked as a classroom TA for several years), I am an educator at heart and I know how challenging virtual learning can be. I recognize and appreciate the heart and passion of the DDMSS staff who are teaching and guiding their students with positivity and grace every day. I just wanted to share that we think you all are doing an amazing job! I've been on a school board before and I am also well aware that what we are experiencing is also reflective of your wonderful leadership.  

    Thank you for all you do! 


    Warm Regards,

    6th Grade Parent at DDMMS, 2020-2021