Home Base Parent Portal


    Click the following link to access the portal:  Home Base Parent Portal

    Home Base is a statewide student information system that gives parents access to real-time information including attendance, grades and assignments.  Families with multiple students can also set up their accounts to view all of their students at one time, with one login.

    In order to maintain full compliance with the U.S. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), all Home Base users are required to access Home Base using their own account. Student data is not accessible by anyone who does not have the authority to do so. Students have access to their own data, and any parent or legal guardian may also request access. If there is a situation where a parent or legal guardian should not receive access to student data, please notify the school immediately.

How do Parents Get Started?

  • Step 1. Complete the access request forms. Hand deliver the completed access request form to the school. Notarized forms can be mailed to Oberlin Middle School (please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope to receive account information and instructions), otherwise parents must show a photo ID for approval of request. Download the notary public form  or photo ID form. Click here for the Parent Portal Application for Access form in Spanish.

    Step 2. Receive your access letter and instructions. Once we have verified your access request form, we will provide you with account information.

    Step 3. Create a Parent Portal account. Use the information you received in your letter to create your Parent Portal account. Click on the following link: Home Base Portal

    Step 4. Link your students to your account. Once you’ve created your Parent Portal account, use the access ID and password provided on the letter from Daniels to view your child’s data. Does your access ID and password still not work? Make sure you’ve created your Parent Portal account first. See below for more information.

    Step 5. Need Help? Please review the FAQs below prior to contacting Student Services . Questions regarding grades can be e-mailed to your child’s teacher.

How to Set Up a Parent Portal Account

  • For parents or guardians to create their own accounts:

    1. Click on the following link: Home Base Portal

    2. In the Create an Account section, click Create Account

    3. On the Create Parent Account page, enter the parent/guardian first name and last name in the appropriate fields

    4. Enter the parent’s email in the next field

    5. Enter the desired username and password in the appropriate fields

    6. Re-enter the password for security authentication

    7. For each student to be associated to the account, enter the student name, access ID, and access password

    8. Open the Relationship menu and select the appropriate relationship for each student being added

    9. To create the account, click Enter to update the first and last name, user name, and password for the account, click Account Preferences. Update information as needed under the Profile tab, then click Save

How to Sign-In

  • For parents and guardians to sign in to the portal:

    1. Click on the following link: Home Base Portal
    2.  Enter the username and password, then click Sign In

    If parents and guardians have forgotten their usernames or passwords:

    1. Click Having trouble signing in?
    2. Select the tab for either “Forgot Password?” or “Forgot Username?”
    3. Enter the username and email address to retrieve the password or enter the email address to retrieve the username, then click Enter
    4. Account information will be sent to the email address.

Adding Additional Children to the Account

  • Once the account is created, a parent or guardian may still add students to the account.

    1. In the Navigation menu, click Account Preferences

    2. To add or edit students, click the Students tab

    3. To add a child, click Add

    4. In the Add Student window, enter the student name, access ID, and access password

    5. Open the Relationship menu and select the correct relationship

    6. Click Submit

Setting Up Email Notifications

  • To modify the information sent to a parent or guardian:

    1. In the Navigation menu, click Email Notification

    2. Select the desired information to be included in the email report 3. Open the “How often?” menu and select the frequency of report delivery

    4. To send the report to other addresses, enter the addresses in the Additional Email Addresses field (separate additional addresses with commas)

    5. If these changes are for all students on the account, check Apply these settings to all your students?

    6. To send a report immediately for the selected student, click Send now for [student name]

    7. To save the email preferences, click Submit


  • Q: What if I can’t remember my username and password?

    A: Click ‘Having trouble signing in’ on the login page. You will be asked to enter your username to reset your password. You will need to enter your e-mail address if you have forgotten both your username and your password. Information will be sent to your e-mail address. Please note that you have limited time to reset your password.

    Q: What is the web page for the parent portal? A: Go to Home Base Portal

    Q: How do I add my student to my Parent Portal Account? A: Please see instructions above.

    Q: Will my child still have access if I do not create an account? A: Students will be provided information to access their data even if parents do not request access.

    Q: How will I get my class schedule? A: Your school will provide class schedules and other details related to the opening of school.

    Q: Why can’t I locate my school on the iPad or iPhone application? A: If you cannot locate your school, enter the following server information in the server settings: wcpss.powerschool.com or enter the zip code for the district office – 27518. Please note: Many parents are having issues using the phone application. Please try to log into Home Base on your computer to verify that the issue is with your phone app. Unfortunately, we cannot currently troubleshoot issues with the phone app.

    Q: I have a Home Base account for my high school student. Do I need to set up an account for my Oberlin student? A: You can add your middle school student to the Home Base account for your high school student by following the instructions above. You will need to complete an access request form to receive account information needed to add the student.