Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I change my student's address?
    Parents or students need to bring proof of the new Wake County address (current water, gas, or electric bill in parent's name that is no more than 30 days old or newly signed lease that is no more than 60 days old). We encourage parents to bring proof of residence to Student Services so that a new Student Data Sheet can be completed. 
    How do I get a copy of my student's grades?  
    Parents can view and print student grades from their Home Base Parent Portal account. Home Base gives parents access to real-time information including attendance, grades and assignments.  Families with multiple students can also set up their accounts to view all of their students at one time, with one login. Please click here for information on how to set up your Parent Portal.  Parents can also request copies of student information (grades, attendance, transcript, immunizations, birth certificate) using this form. The completed form can be dropped off in the Main Office or Student Services. Please allow 48 hours for the request to be completed; parents will need to provide a photo ID to pick up the requested information.My PowerSchool phone app has stopped working, what should I do?Unfortunately, we cannot currently troubleshoot issues with the phone app. Please try to log into Home Base on your desktop computer to verify that the issue is with your phone app.How do I enroll my student?Please click here for registration information.
    I've moved outside the Oberlin base. What do I need to do to change schools?
    Parents need to come to Student Services and sign a withdrawal form. A copy of the withdrawal form will be given to the parent to take to the student's new school. The withdrawal form shows the student's current schedule and grades and will help expedite the enrollment process at the new school. Proof of residence for the new address should be provided to the new school upon registration (current water, gas, or electric bill in parent's name that is no more than 30 days old, newly signed lease that is no more than 60 days old, settlement statement or offer-to-purchase agreement). 
    What immunizations does my student need? 
    North Carolina General Statutes (G.S. 130A-155) require that a parent or guardian of any child enrolled in public schools must present proof of immunization at the time of enrollment for the minimum requirements as specified in the law.Click here for public school immunization requirements.  It is the parent's or guardian's responsibility to provide written proof of immunization within thirty (30) calendar days from the first day of attendance. Do not depend upon school records to arrive from another school system since records may arrive late or with incomplete or unacceptable medical information. If you cannot secure a certified immunization record, contact your physician or Wake County Human Services. If the completion of a new immunization series should run beyond the 30-day period, a physician's written statement that a series is in progress showing the anticipated completion date will allow the student to remain in school. If the school hasn't received by the 30th calendar day from the first day of a child's attendance a record of completed immunization or a physician’s note stating an immunization series is in progress, the principal is required by law to exclude the child from school on the 31st day until such evidence has been presented by the parent or guardian 
    Ho do I get a recommendation/transcript for a school application?

    Paperwork requesting a recommendation and/or transcript for a school application can be dropped off at the Main Office. A stamped, addressed envelope to the requesting school should be included. Please allow 2 weeks for the request to be processed.

    My student has transferred to a new school. How do I pick up records for the new school?

    When a student transfers to a new school, there is a formal process to send the student's records to the new school. The new school will send a records request to Student Services. Upon receipt of the records request, Student Services will send the records to the new school. Parents do not need to pick up student records for the new school; however, parents should provide the student's withdrawal form to the new school to expedite the registration process.

    Can I pay for my child's lunches online?

    With a MySchool Bucks account paying for school meals is easy. Go to or call (855) 832-5226 to enroll. You'll need your child's PowerSchool ID number. Once your account is established you may:

    • Securely deposit funds to your child's account
    • Check balances
    • Set spending limits and diet restrictions