EOG Testing Tips

    1. Make the topics or headers of your chapters into questions...read to answer these questions.
    2. Look up words you don't understand....keep a dictionary nearby.Highlight or circle key words and phrases...use different colors.
    3. Write key words in the margins.
    4. After reading a section of a chapter, stop and write possible test questions in the margin.
    5. After reading a chapter, write notes in an organized format to summarize the important points.
    6. Use these notes to review before a test.Don't highlight every word...be selective and only focus on the important points.
    7. When you find yourself drifting off, focus on the material and start asking yourself questions about what you have read.
    8. If you don't know what questions to ask, read over the section again.
    9. Keep a pencil or marker in your hand while reading; this makes you more alert.
    10. Find a place that helps you focus...some students need noise and others need quiet. Find a place you can study every day.

Studying Tips

    1. Mapping = this involves your creation of a concept based on facts, people, places, dates, ideas, etc...Take a picture of this in your head.
    2. Lists = Find a common connection between the items on your list.
    3. Flash cards = Can be used when you have short times to study.
    4. Write notes over if you have time....repetition helps you remember.
    5. Read your notes aloud...that way you see it and hear it and this helps you learn more effective.
    6. Test yourself = after you feel you have reviewed before a test, make up a sample test for yourself. See how you do and what questions you think you have not thought of.
    7. Tutor a friend = If you can teach someone else, this means you are grasping the material.
    8. The best way to increase memory is to use different ways of taking in the study material: read it, hear it, map it out, teach it, etc....